Red Button delivery

Note: Red Button content will continue to be delivered by tape on SD digi beta. 

Please contact either the Red Button development editor or Red Button producer with any enquiries. Contact details for Red Button and TV delivery teams can be found on the contacts page.

All Red Button content is commissioned through TV genre commissioners. Please see the BBC iPlayer: what we’re looking for page for more information about Red Button editorial content. 

A Red Button commission is reflected in the Television Commissioning specification by the inclusion of a letter of amendment and an additional schedule (Schedule 9: New Media Deliverables). The amendment letter will state the Red Button delivery date. 

Download an example Schedule and letter of amendment (PDF).

Red Button content must be delivered to the same network TV standards as all other TV content. However, Red Button programmes must be delivered on SD digibeta and not HD.

The programme must also pass the BBC Technical Review. Please see the Technical requirements section and the Delivery timeline for more information. 

A CBIS line may need to be booked for the delivery of live content, details of which should be communicated to the Red Button producer.

Please note, as for all network commissions, a clone of the final programme must be retained by the production. 

The following information is for independent production companies making Red Button content for the BBC.

Download BBC in-house Red Button delivery guidance (PDF).

Independent production companies should deliver all Red Button assets and related content to the Indie Delivery Unit except when directed otherwise by the commissioning specification. This includes the Billing form, Compliance form and Transmission form. See the Paperwork section further down this page for more information.

The Indie Delivery Unit will provide the programme UID and any further information.  

Contact details for Red Button and TV delivery teams can be found on the TV contacts page.


Information for edit

Programme title

The Red Button programme title appearing on the clock should include the linear programme title and Red Button episode number. For example, Dragons’ Den Red Button: Episode 1. This title should be used on the tape and tape box.


A 30 second countdown should be included at the beginning of the programme to help avoid viewers missing the beginning of the Red Button programme.  

Editorial guidelines

Please inform the Red Button Producer asap if the programme contains flashing images, swearing, violence or might require any guidance warning. Please refer to the BBC’s Editorial Guidelines for guidance.

End frame

Programmes should fade to black and not end on a freeze of the last frame as pre-recorded Red Button programmes are often looped.


There are no requirements to add credits to Red Button programmes. If desired, please follow the same guidelines for linear delivery although Red Button programme credits are not squeezed.



Independent production companies should confirm with the Red Button producer if bespoke design and branding is required.

If bespoke branding and graphics are required, the following assets must be supplied to the Red Button Producer three weeks before transmission:

  • A layered Photoshop file of any branding or logos and any brands style guides that are available for the service.
  • Any fonts relevant to the brand.
  • One portrait landscape image, preferably of a presenter or lead character looking to camera.
  • One landscape image representing the whole programme.
  • If the Red Button programme is to be transmitted on BBC iPlayer: One landscape image for each episode.

Assets provided will be used for triggers and bridge graphics: 


The graphic that appears in the top right of the screen to prompt the viewer to press red. There are limitations on text length and colour palettes.   

Bridge link graphic and text 

The text and small circular image that appear on the Red Button bridge menu when a viewer presses red and links to video content and further text. There are limitations on text length and colour palettes.



Schedule 9 lists all paperwork which must be completed and delivered for a Red Button commission. 

The following paperwork should be completed as per normal linear commissions and sent to the Indie Delivery Unit:

Billing form

Uaing the standard Televsion billing form template to be delivered three weeks before transmission. To be completed as per normal linear commission. An introduction to the Red Button service should be included on the billing form. See the marketing and promotion section of this page for more information.

Download the billing form from the Publicity page.

Escalation document

This contains emergency production contact information and any gallery or OB numbers. The Indie Delivery Unit will send a copy of this form to the production which should be completed and returned to them seven days before transmission.

Transmission form

(Sometimes referred to as the TX form or first transmission form.) A version emailed to the Indie Delivery Unit and an additional version included in the tape box when delivering the final programme. To be completed as per normal linear commission on programme delivery date.

Download the Transmission form from the Technical requirements page.

Programme as completed (P as C) form

To be completed as per normal transmission on programme delivery date. 

Download the Programme as completed form from the Archive, rights and clearances section

Music reporting form

To be completed as per normal transmission on programme delivery date.

Download the Music reporting form from the Archive, rights and clearances section

Compliance form

An additional compliance form is needed for original Red Button content before transmission. To be completed as per normal linear commission. The form should be sent to the Indie Delivery Unit and signed off by the Commissioner on the programme delivery date.

If a Red Button programme is an edited version of an already transmitted programme and does not change the context of the content of the programme then an additional compliance form is not needed.

An additional compliance form is not required for live Red Button content but guidance should be provided if any BBC Editorial Guidelines are likely to be affected in the live transmission. 

Download and find out more about completing the Compliance form on the Compliance for TV and Online page.


Marketing and promotion


An editorial introduction to the programme explaining the content for viewers is required. For example, a brief introduction from the main Presenter often works well for non-Drama programmes. A 30 second countdown with text explaining what’s coming up in the programme can also be successful. This should be discussed at the point of commission.

Calls to action recorded within a network programme

If a call to action is being recorded for a Red Button programme within a network programme an additional version of the network programme must be delivered without the call to action. This should be delivered at the same time as the original programme version by the same means. The cost should be agreed at the point of commission.

If there is a schedule change or repeat, bandwidth may be unavailable to broadcast the Red Button programme and therefore the original version without the call to action will be broadcast.

Call to action by continuity announcer during end credits: promotion over linear end credits will be requested by the Red Button Producer once the linear TV schedule is finalised. Any promotion using video content or script requests should be arranged through the Red Button Producer further in advance to allow time for Creative and Marketing to prepare and deliver the trail. 

Red Button junctions

Programme trails may be played out between Red Button programmes and can be arranged by the Red Button Producer.


Post transmission information

Viewing figures

Independent production companies can request audience figures from the Red Button Producer.

Technical reports

The Red Button Producer will inform the production of any issues reported.