Formats and features on BBC One

Donna Clark discusses formats and features on BBC One

What we’re looking for

  • Hours available at 8pm or 9pm midweek.
  • Seeking transformational formats


We are really keen to take risks and build ambitious new returning brands for the future. The key qualities we need from formats and features ideas are:

Broad audience: Our programmes must always be accessible and relevant to the lives of the broad BBC One audience.

Returnability: We need returners with enough scale, drama, warmth and emotional resonance to potentially sit at 9pm on BBC One, for example DIY SOS, Eat Well for Less? or Shop Well for Less?. Are there any other territories that we could look at through a transformational prism?

Scale: Really bold, clear ideas that will have impact within the schedule. Be innovative in terms of shapes you offer. BBC One does not have to mean ‘safe’. Look at Hugh’s War on Waste, that series really struck a chord with the BBC One audience who got firmly behind Hugh’s campaign.

Purpose: Universal issues like food, money or ageing that raise challenging questions important to our audience’s lives. How can we examine those questions in our programming in a more unmediated, non-judgmental way that resonates with the audience? We had great success with Britain’s Spending Secrets – what other ways can we explore those issues that are at the forefront of our minds: spending, parenting, and how we chose to live our lives? Spending Secrets had a strong authored voice at it’s heart, what other strong voices could we bring to the channel?

Formats and features overview video

Donna Clark discusses her strategy for formats and features

All proposals should be submitted via BBC Pitch to the relevant genre controller or commissioner.


Information reviewed 20 September 2016

Formats and Features news

  • Saturday Kitchen: new tender opportunity

    Saturday Kitchen: new tender opportunity

    BBC daytime is inviting eligible suppliers to bid for the production rights to BBC One’s long-running live cooking programme Saturday Kitchen. The successful company will begin producing the new series from spring 2017 and the contract is for three years. The deadline for the submission of the eligibility form is 8 November 2016 at 5.30pm.

  • BBC digital design framework opens for applications

    BBC digital design framework opens for applications

    BBC Design and Engineering (D&E) is opening the Digital Design Framework for suppliers qualified to create and deliver highly creative user experience and design services to the BBC. The deadline for submission is 16 November 2016 at 2pm.

  • New opportunity: artist recommendation services for Radio and Music

    New opportunity: artist recommendation services for Radio and Music

    BBC Radio & Music Multiplatform would like to hear from potential suppliers of artist recommendation products which will continue to enhance the existing features. The deadline for applications is 11 November 2016.

  • Songs of Praise: invitation to tender now open

    Songs of Praise: invitation to tender now open

    During 2016 and 2017 the BBC is tendering a number of existing returning series. These will be open to independent producers and BBC Studios. This opportunity is for any supplier who meets the eligibility criteria as set out in the tender document.

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