Current Affairs on BBC Two

Clive Edwards discusses Current Affairs on BBC Two

Commissioning slots

  • This World: Pre and post watershed international current affairs, one x 60 minutes.
  • Domestic ideas: either Documentary or ambitious Format approaches to core current affairs territories and investigations.
  • Not currently seeking analytical Presenter led pieces or feature formats.


Background information

There is a wide range of shapes, topics, treatments and tones for Current Affairs on BBC Two. From landmarks like The Iraq War, a rigorous and compelling series in which the biggest players of the war in Iraq reveal the inside story, through to single foreign affairs Documentaries in the This World series like The World’s Busiest Maternity Ward, to provocative essays like Kirsty Wark’s Blurred Lines: The New Battle Of The Sexes and the immersive Toughest Place To Be A ....  With this wide range of tone and approach Current Affairs on BBC Two will continue to seek out new areas for exploration as well as examining life closer to home.

Current affairs on BBC Two should also be looking at unfamiliar subjects. This World continues to bring the world to British audiences. Foreign Current Affairs is an important part of our overall offering.

BBC Two Current Affairs should be as inclusive as possible and take serious issues to as many people as possible. 

Find out more about the overall BBC Two channel strategy.


Where are the opportunities available? 

There are opportunities in the Indie Guarantee and WoCC in 2015/16, some hours within This World.  Please note that a number of hours have a Regional Quota attached.


All proposals should be submitted via BBC Pitch to the relevant Genre Controller or Commissioner. 


Information reviewed 1 April 2015


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