Current Affairs on BBC One

Commissioning slots

  • Panorama: 30 minutes and more rarely 60 minutes to run as specials

Ceri Thomas is the Editor for Panorama. 


Background information

Panorama is our premier Current Affairs programme on BBC One. Panorama is the longest running Current Affairs programme in the world and is well understood by the British public to be the home of important investigations and journalism of real significance to British audiences.

Topicality and speed are essential for Panorama: we need fast turn-around productions to ensure we cover Current Affairs when the issues are top of people's agendas. 

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Where are the opportunities available? 

Within the Panorama strand there are opportunities in the WoCC and Indie Guarantee for 2014/15 and beyond. Please note that a number of hours have a Regional Quota attached.  


All proposals should be submitted via BBC Pitch to the relevant Genre Controller or Commissioner. 


Information reviewed 1 April 2015


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