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About the CBBC channel

CBBC is for primary school children aged six to12 years. 

Our vision for CBBC is to deliver the world's finest content and interactive services for children and we always aspire to creative excellence.

We expect CBBC to be a one-stop destination for children to consume their favourite content and show brands whether on TV, online, or on mobile devices.

CBBC is for everyone, everywhere. 

We want to reflect the lives of our audience and to give them multi-platform content which is innovative, challenging and infectious.

CBBC's tone is funny, energetic, unpredictable, upbeat and fun. A great illustration of this is live presentation on weekday afternoons with the interaction and high jinks in the CBBC ’office’ with Hacker T Dog, Cel, Chris, Katie and Ben.

CBBC endeavours to talk to viewers in their language, on their level and never talks down to kids. Ultimately, our tone of voice should engage them and make them laugh with us. We try hard to reflect lives as well as engaging views of the wider world.

We give audiences opportunities to participate, learn something new and laugh out loud. We want CBBC content talked about in the playground and we want our content to empower and stimulate children. We want CBBC to give kids a sense of wonder about their surroundings.

We are always looking for gripping stories which entertain and enlighten, are pure escapism or have something thought-provoking at their core. We welcome ideas that are original and relevant to our audience, ideas which take into account the diversity of Britain. We don't wish to patronise our audience, nor do we want to formally educate them but maybe we can inspire them to do something special or be the next Damian Hirst, Karen Brady, Nick Park, Jessica Ennis, Steve Jobs.

We are looking for creative partnerships with people who are passionate about serving this audience and who have a special talent for intriguing, and engaging with great story-telling across all genres.

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Programmes and content

CBBC content is exclusive to the CBBC Channel and we are on air from 7am to 7pm seven days a week. An exponentially increasing number of our viewers are also using the CBBC iPlayer to catch up on their favourite shows whenever they want to.

We offer a distinctive schedule of original drama, comedy, news and factual programming.  We are connecting with our audience on an increasing variety of platforms and are looking for amazing 360 propositions: ideas that can thrive equally on mobiles, tablets, online, second screen and television.

To find out more about current CBBC programme and genre opportunities please visit the CBBC What We Want area of the Commissioning website. 


About our audience

 The lives of children aged six to 12 are still fairly care-free and innocent. They love to laugh, are very creative and hungry for information with playground currency.

That said, they are at a turning point in their lives: they want a bit more independence, yet still need to feel secure. They are free spirits, but school and parents are giving them more responsibility. They are working out their own opinions, but still want to fit in. 

In short, they are slowly moving from under their parents' wings to be influenced by their peers but yet to strike out on their own. 

If we distil everything we know about our audience the key points that we feel matter most to our channel are:

  • They are full of contradiction that both excites and daunts them.
  • Friends are becoming the centre of their world.
  • They are at home with technology and the speed at which it changes.
  • They are huge multi-taskers especially at nine years plus.
  • They are creative dynamos who are not yet hardwired.

It is growing day by day but as we write 94% of CBBC’s audience uses the internet and 87% go online at home. Device ownership is increasing amongst our audience as tablet ownership doubled from 2011 to 2012 with 20% of kids ages six to12 having their own.

The CBeebies and CBBC websites each get around a million unique browsers per week.

So children's expectations of where, when and how they can find content are now in constant flux. 


CBBC in 2012/13

CBBC has had another successful year and our programming and online content continue to delight and inspire children across Britain. The channel is the market leader for the six to 12 age group and we pride ourselves on the quality and diversity of our output.

We are always looking for more memorable and distinctive ideas across all genres.AAs ever, it is the content which brings the CBBC brand to life, and we need to constantly refresh the selection of programmes and interactive fare for our discerning and demanding audience. We want CBBC shows to be talked about, infectious and imbued with ’laugh yourself smart’ appeal.AWe encourage anyone who wants to pitch to us to immerse themselves in our content, both TV and at bbc.co.uk/cbbc in order to get a feel for how the best possible programmes and games work for us.IOur recent highlights include programmes as diverse as Wolfblood,  My Autism and Me: A Newsround SpecialFriday DownloadOperation OuchMy Life: Breaking FreeThe Johnny and Inel ShowOfficially Amazing!The  4 O’Clock ClubNaomi’s Nightmares Of NatureSchool For StarsExtreme School and Help! My Supply Teacher is Still Magic

Enduring flagship shows like Blue PeterDeadly 60Horrible Histories and The Dumping Ground continue to enthral.

All CBBC content is commissioned by the Controller Cheryl Taylor.


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