Arts on BBC One

Mark bell discusses arts priorities for BBC One

Commissioning slots

  • Singles and events
  • Broad talent-led pieces
  • Slots are available in 2016 and beyond for imagine… and can be pitched to Tanya Hudson or Mark Bell

Current steers

Look at ways to merge arts with different genres and apply storytelling styles from different genres. Presenters don’t have to be art historians, for example Fake Or Fortune? works well on BBC One because it doesn’t feel like an arts programme and combines presenters with different expertise and backgrounds.

The Shakespeare 2016 season will be smaller than the 2012 season, perhaps one or two high quality programmes perhaps with a use of archive. Interested in ideas that stand out from the wealth of Shakespeare programming on the BBC that we have been done in the past. 


Background information

The arts enrich our lives, whether we are spectators or active participants. Many of us love to get involved, whether in the visual arts, performance, craft, architecture or dance – appreciating the skills of professionals as well as amateurs, or even taking an active part. Our key intention on BBC One is therefore to celebrate this vast and dynamic range of our country’s culture, nurture the creative spark, develop talents and put the arts at the heart of the national consciousness.

This means three things:

  • We should look beyond traditional areas to new approaches and subjects which attract a broad BBC One audience.
  • We should embed arts content across existing strands and genres such as news, features and documentaries to bring the best stories to our audience, provoking strong emotional connections and inspirational experiences for the whole country.
  • We should provide entry points for those who feel disconnected from the arts and create stories that explore a broad range of interests demonstrating that arts can be for everyone.


Where are the opportunities available?

There are opportunities in WoCC for 2016/17 and beyond.

Pitching to arts - get Marks top tips

Find out more about arts commissioning

All proposals should be submitted via BBC Pitch to the relevant genre controller or commissioner.


Information reviewed on 21 October 2015


Latest Arts news

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    Cassian Harrison announces raft of new BBC Four commissions

    Speaking at the Edinburgh TV Festival, BBC Four Channel Editor Cassian Harrison today announced a raft of new commissions including a major new performance piece from acclaimed poet, Owen Sheers; special nights celebrating the first night of TV and the influence of hip hop on global popular culture; a season of programmes exploring modern identity with contributions from Alison Lapper, Peter York and Rankin; and gripping new international drama from Australia.

  • New opportunity: BBC Ideas Service digital concept visualisation

    New opportunity: BBC Ideas Service digital concept visualisation

    BBC Ideas Service is looking for a creative digital agency to help explore and illustrate the propositional concept of ‘Idea Chains and Connections’ for potential audiences and stakeholders. The deadline for submissions is 24 August 2016.

  • Diamond: new diversity monitoring system launches

    Diamond: new diversity monitoring system launches

    From Monday 15 August 2016 all newly contracted productions will be required to submit diversity data via the industry-wide online monitoring and reporting system Diamond. This forms part of a productions standard deliverables.

  • New opportunity: mobile development services

    New opportunity: mobile development services

    The BBC is seeking to establish a roster of preferred suppliers for the provision of mobile development services for internal BBC use. The deadline for submissions is 9 September 2016 at 10am.

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