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Find the latest commissioning steers by genre for BBC iPlayer.

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Comedy on BBC iPlayer

Our focus for BBC iPlayer is on Comedy Feeds for BBC Three: bold, experimental long-form pilots which push the boundaries for Comedy as a genre, creatively exploit the online platform and showcase new UK talent (both on and off-screen). We commission between seven to nine pilots per year and we invite submissions once a year.

Drama on BBC iPlayer

For established or returning Drama series, we want to commission exclusive episodes for BBC iPlayer or Red Button that heighten audiences’ excitement for the return of the series on TV. We’ll be looking to commission three to five pieces like this per year. Episodes need to feature key onscreen talent from the TV series.

BBC iPlayer and Red Button episodes offer Writers an opportunity to break open the story world in an original way for fans. Episodes can be of any duration.

Entertainment on BBC iPlayer

Our primary focus is Saturday night, BBC One and we’re excited by ideas that use BBC iPlayer, Red Button, online and social media to bring the nation together. We want ideas that really appeal to broad audiences, making shows as big and inclusive as they can be.

Factual on BBC iPlayer


We want to commission topical content for BBC iPlayer around festivals, events and exhibitions that reflect the culture of Britain and support the BBC’s wider Arts strategy. 


We want to commission Red Button content around Factual programme events such as Autumnwatch, Springwatch and Winterwatch and the Chelsea Flower Show to increase their scale and ambition and offer audiences unlimited access to the fullness of the event, beyond broadcast.


For BBC Four we’re looking to drive impact and enrich seasons of programmes on the channel with exclusive archive Collections on BBC iPlayer.

BBC iPlayer Commissioners

  • Victoria Jaye
    Victoria Jaye

    Head of TV Content, BBC iPlayer

    Pitch to Victoria
  • Tom Williams
    Tom Williams

    Commissioning Editor, BBC iPlayer (BBC Productions)

    Email Tom
  • Sarah Clay
    Sarah Clay

    Commissioning Editor, BBC iPlayer (Indies)

    Email Sarah

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