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The remit of Radio 2 is to be a distinctive, mixed music and speech service, targeted at a broad audience, appealing to all age groups over 35.

The station should offer entertaining popular music programmes and speech-based content including news, current affairs, documentaries, religion, arts, comedy, readings and social action output.

More information on the remit and service licence for Radio 2 can be found here.


Commissioning round updates 


There are no current commissioning opportunities for Radio 2.

If you have any questions or queries regarding the commissioning process for Radio 2 please contact Julian Grundy.

Sign up to the Radio Independent Production Company Database to hear communications about rounds and tenders when they open.

Network Imaging Package

We look to commission network-wide imaging package for BBC Radio 2 regularly. There are currently no plans to do this but please keep on checking back here regularly or contact Radio 2 Senior Station Sound Producer, Chris Reay


Commissioning Process

The majority of programmes - the core output - are long-running strands which are produced either by Radio 2 producers or a small group of Independent companies. When the strands produced by Independents come up for renewal they are put out for tender using the process described below.

Commissioning rounds take place twice a year to complement the core output. It is within these rounds that ideas are sought for a wide range of documentaries, specialist music, comedy, event and other programming. Readings are commissioned alongside special events or seasons.

If you wish to hear details regarding the Radio 2 commissioning rounds, you will need to be part of the Radio Independent Supplier Database and indicate that you wish to hear details about Radio 2 and its strands.

If you are an independent company wishing to join the list, please complete a Pro Forma (see downloads section) and email it to Radio Commissioning Enquiries who can set you up on the system. All interested suppliers will receive copies of the guidelines for each commissioning round, held in spring and summer/early autumn, and for special tenders.

For each commissioning round, the network issues guidelines for prospective producers / production companies, which outline the available slots, editorial aspirations and guide prices

The commissioning process involves submission of proposals via Proteus. Proposals should include a short synopsis paragraph followed by a more detailed explanation of the idea and treatment being proposed. After the closing date there will be a shortlisting period where producers may be asked to discuss their idea further. Once the shortlisting period is complete and offers have been discussed, proposals will either be conditionally commissioned or rejected. Budgets will then be agreed.

We would encourage you to talk to the network - Robert Gallacher (Commissioning Editor, Planning & Station Sound) - about your proposals before you formally submit them. This will enable you to focus your ideas better within the context of schedule/slot availability. And, please contact Julian Grundy (Manager, Scheduling & Commissioning) with any questions you may have regarding the processes, commissioning or the schedule.


Further Information

You can also find a glossary of frequently used terms for the BBC radio commissioning process on the FAQ page.


Additional Information

It is vital that all programmes comply with the relevant statutory and regulatory provisions. You can find further information on the Compliance page of this website.

Full information useful to prospective programme-makers (including information on underlying Rights, contractual and legal aspects of commissioning, Health & Safety requirements and the BBC's complaints procedure) are set out on the Radio Business Affairs page of this website and it is advisable to look this over before submitting a proposal.
Budgets for independent companies who receive conditional commissions are negotiated with the Radio Independents Production Team. The Radio Independent Productions team support all of the BBC's national radio stations in financial activities associated with contracting Independent productions.



• All commissions are signed off by Bob Shennan, Controller Radio 2.
• Lewis Carnie, Head of Programmes, is responsible for programme commissioning and new talent presented to the network.
• Robert Gallacher, Commissioning Editor, is responsible for programme commissioning and overall network planning.
• Julian Grundy, Manager, Scheduling & Commissioning, is responsible for Proteus and the overall commissioning process. 

Getting In Touch

Initial enquiries should be directed to:

Robert Gallacher, Commissioning Editor
Phone: (020) 7765 2415
Email: Robert Gallacher

Julian Grundy, Manager, Commissions & Schedules
Phone: (020) 7765 3250
Email: Julian Grundy


Want to find out more about BBC Radio 2?

If you would like to know more about BBC Radio 2 programmes, content and schedules, please visit the Radio 2 station website.

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