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Asian Network

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The Asian Network is the BBC's radio station that reaches out to the UK`s South Asian communities and those interested in South Asian music, news and culture. We know that family life is central to British Asians, so all our output is designed to work as a "Friend to the Family". British Asians tend to be younger than the overall British population so our daytime target is aged 20 to 35.

The BBC Asian Network's remit includes news, music, entertainment and events from South Asia (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh diaspora). We broadcast mainly in English but also have programmes in Mirpuri, Bengali, Punjabi, Gujurati and Hindi/Urdu. 

Our music policy is predominantly British-Asian artists, Bollywood/South-Asian and Urban music, with a commitment to supporting new homegrown talent and live music.

Our journalism reflects the core urban centres of the South Asian communities across the UK .    We also reflect the important religious diversity within our audience, marking major festivals across the year.

We  are a highly interactive station, inviting and featuring the views of our listeners wherever we can. We use social media across  all of our output.

We are one of the BBC`s digital stations which can be heard throughout the UK on DAB. We can also be heard on Freeview, satellite, digital cable TV, on-line, and also on medium wave across the Midlands.

Read more information on the remit of the BBC Asian Network

Commissioning round updates

There are no current commissioning opportunities for Asian Network.

If you have any queries about Asian Network Commissioning, please contact the Asian Network commissioning team.

Sign up to the Radio Independent Production Company Database to hear communications about rounds and tenders when they open.

Commissioning Process

Programme proposals will have to be submitted through the Proteus system, although you can email Mark Strippel, Head of Programmes at any time to see if your idea might be something that the station would be interested in.

If you wish to hear details regarding Asian Network commissioning rounds, you will need to be part of the Radio Independent Supplier Database and indicate that you wish to hear details about the Asian Network and its strands.

If you are an independent company wishing to join the list, please complete a Pro Forma (see downloads section) and email it to Radio Commissioning Enquiries who can set you up on the system. All interested suppliers will receive copies of the guidelines for commissioning rounds, and for special tenders.

For more information, have a look at our website and the Business Affairs and Compliance pages or contact Mark Strippel.

The BBC Radio business, legal and rights requirements
How BBC Radio commissions programmes
Contact Information and Archives for programme research

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