Ideas from the public

Are you are in the right place? This page explains what to do if you are a member of the public with an idea for a new radio programme.  

Creating programmes for BBC Radio requires an in-depth understanding of the radio production process. Unfortunately the BBC doesn’t have the resources to support individuals in this process. Please see the other opportunities below.

Programme ideas

If you are not a company, but wish to pitch ideas to be made into a BBC radio programme, we suggest that you approach a production company or team who (if they like the idea) can develop the idea into something which can be pitched at the next commissioning round for a BBC network radio station:

(Radio 1/1XtraRadio 2Radio 3Radio 4/4ExtraRadio 5 Live/Sports ExtraRadio 6 Music and the Asian Network).

Most of our network stations are unable to accept unsolicited programme ideas which have been sent directly to the network so it is best to approach a production company or team with your ideas first.

There are two types of production teams who can pitch ideas to the BBC in BBC commissioning rounds, BBC in-house production teams and independent production companies.

BBC in-house production teams contacts. They mainly produce content for Radio 4 and the World Service.


External, independent production teams

There are many ways to find external radio independent production companies, a few of them are below:

1) a simple web search will often find an independent's own website

2) you can go to a company that represents Independent Production companies such as Radio Independents Group (RIG) who are a representational organisation for UK based radio independent production companies or PACT, an industry body representing the media's independent sector. 

3) Broadcast is a weekly magazine for the TV and radio industry, which provides news on commissioning, production, facilities and technology, and is a useful point of reference. 

4) Listen to programmes on our networks similar to what you have an idea for as some networks (like Radio 4) say who produced the programme for the BBC and will credit the company at the end if it was made independently.

Remember to research upfront about the companies who produce the type of programmes that you have an idea for. On their websites they will say which genre they specialise in and anyone you can get in touch with. Also, check that the company you are approaching is able to, and wants to, pitch to the BBC.

Note: the BBC is not responsible for the content of external websites.


Scripts & Short Stories

For Scripts and Short Stories, please see the Writing for the BBC page.

Programme development requires an in-depth understanding of the Radio process and can take many months or even years to realise, often involving multiple people. Unfortunately the BBC doesn't have the resources to support individuals in this process.

Please see other opportunities for working with the BBC further down this page.