Radio & Music Multiplatform

BBC Radio & Music Multiplatform (R&MM) aims to offer the best multiplatform radio services in the world. We want to reinvent radio and music services for digital audiences.

We develop world-class content and products for BBC Radio and BBC Music. To help fulfil our vision we want to create:

  • new listening experiences
  • services that respond to your personal needs
  • high quality on-screen visuals
  • shareable social media

With the launch of BBC Music in 2014, there is a renewed focus on developing digital content and services for this including Playlister and our live music events.

We reach around six million unique browsers in the UK per week across a range of platforms and the iPlayer Radio app has been downloaded more than 6 million times.  On average, there are 22 million UK downloads of BBC podcasts each month.  (Figures from January - October 2014 for the UK).


What we commission

We commission or outsource work from suppliers throughout the editorial and technical delivery process. This means that our suppliers might be working on a very diverse range of activities, from producing content through to software or user experience design.

We welcome ideas that fit with our vision as well as innovative ideas that will help develop the BBC's radio or music services online. 

Examples of what we might commission:

  • content for a radio network’s social media accounts
  • photography, such as artists at music sessions
  • filming, such as at music events or sessions, or visualising radio programmes
  • data quality ie improving metadata around radio programmes
  • design and build of digital tools such as content management systems to run festival websites
  • design and build of mobile applications
  • digital additions to a radio programme


The commissioning process

Standard digital content used to support radio programmes online will usually be commissioned as part of the normal radio programme specification and pitch. Find details of the standard digital assets and delivery on the Interactive production page.

Additional digital content ideas related to a radio programme should also be discussed at the point of commission.

To hear about openly tendered commissioning opportunities across online and technology please register on the BravoSolutions e-procurement system and ensure contact details are kept up to date.

Companies that believe they are particularly suited to working with Radio & Music Multiplatform should send a brief email summarising their skillsets and relevant recent work to Sarah Dain, who is responsible for R&MM indie commissioning.

Companies considering submitting a speculative proposal should consider the following questions first:

  • How does the idea help to deliver Radio & Music Multiplatform's vision (summarised above)?
  • If the proposal is aimed at a particular radio network, what benefits will it bring to that network and how does it fit their remit and audience?
  • Is the idea innovative? Does it push our creative boundaries and exploit the full potential of new media
  • How will it inspire audiences, the wider industry and the BBC?
  • Does the idea provide value for money? Will the audience reach it gains justify the spend?
  • How does it fit with the BBC's public purposes and make the best of the BBC's strengths?
  • Will it drive digital literacy by introducing new audiences to digital services?
  • Are you aware of the BBC Editorial Guidelines and have you checked how your idea would work with those in mind?

Speculative proposals should also be sent to Sarah Dain, who will then liaise with the relevant Digital Editor and will either contact you to provide feedback or to confirm interest.


Publicising your project

All communications about indie projects commissioned by R&MM should be planned and agreed with the R&MM project manager prior to publication.

Any communications should be written with the Fair Trading guidelines in mind.