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BBC Local Radio is a network of 39 radio stations that collectively cover all of England, Jersey and Guernsey. They range from major conurbation services such as Birmingham, London, Manchester and Sheffield to more rural/large town area services such as Cumbria, Somerset, and Teesside. 

Whilst following the same editorial brief, all the stations are distinctive and different to reflect the audience in each area.

The overall tone and texture of output is one of companionship and a focal point for communities through a mix of speech, music, sport, debate and specialist programmes.  

Listeners depend on BBC Local Radio to keep them in touch with news from their area and the service plays an important role during local emergency situations. 

Key statistics:

  • BBC Local Radio reaches 15.5 per cent of adults in England (6.7 million).
  • 2.3 million people tune into BBC Local Radio, but no other BBC station (34% of listeners).
  • BBC Local Radio plays an important role in reaching 1.1 million listeners who consume no other radio at all (16% of listeners).
  • The majority of the audience to BBC Local Radio is over 50, which is the station’s stated target audience.
  • 58% of BBC Local Radio listeners are over 55; 47% are C2DE and the male:female split is 51:49.

To find out more about the remit for BBC local radio stations, please visit the Inside the BBC website.

Please email Isabelle Hutchins to register ongoing interest in BBC English Regions independent commissions.


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