I’m a digital supplier commissioned by the BBC, what do I need to know?



View the production timeline

The production timeline shows the various stages a typical project will go through with links to relevant guidance. Although many projects deviate from this pattern depending on the nature and scope of the work this provides a useful reference point, in particular for technical or hybrid technical/editorial projects.

View the production timeline


Working with us

Working with us should be as simple and transparent as possible. Find information to help doing business with the BBC including the Terms of Trade, receiving orders, getting paid and supplier self-service, as well as guidance regarding accessibility and assistive technology on Supplying the BBC website.


Editorial guidelines

The Editorial Guidelines are the BBC's values and standards. They apply to all BBC content across radio, television, online, mobile devices, interactive services or the printed word and apply to anyone making content for the BBC.

Visit the BBC Editorial Guidelines website.


Digital standards and guidelines

The BBC Digital Standards and Guidelines provide the fundamental technical and design requirements and editorial, design and commercial considerations involved in the production and delivery of web material for BBC Online.

The BBC’s Global Experience Language (GEL) guidelines are a reference point for designing BBC services across Web, Mobile, iPTV and Tablet.

Visit the BBC Digital Standards and Guidelines website.

Visit the BBC GEL website.


The BBC developers’ portal

The BBC Developer’s Portal is the entry point to all the APIs, feeds and building blocks available from the BBC which are useful for device manufacturers and Developers.

Visit the BBC Developer website.

For an overview of the platform and systems visit the Developer section of the Inside the BBC website


Complaints procedure

In the event of a dispute arising from working with the BBC the external supplier shall refer the dispute to their local point of contact in the first instance. Both parties shall negotiate in good faith to resolve any dispute arising and should be resolved within a week.

In the event you are not satisfied by the BBC’s response at this stage suppliers should submit a formal complaint in writing to the Market Engagement team. The complaint will be logged and acknowledged with a reference number. If the appointed Supplier Relationship Manager agrees that the complaint merits formal investigation, the Supplier Relationship Manager will take an impartial and independent view of the case. The matter will then be discussed with the external supplier concerned and the relevant commissioning or business affairs contact, and a resolution sought. This stage will take between two and four weeks from receipt of the complaint by the Supplier Relationship Manager depending on the complexity of the issue and the number of people involved. However, a status update to the case will be provided upon written application.

Should the complainant continue to be unhappy about decisions made by the Supplier Relationship Manager and the response given they may appeal to the Head of Market Engagement. The Head of Market Engagement will initiate a Complaints Panel. Appeals should be made within a month of receipt of the response from the Supplier Relationship Manager. In the event that one of the panel members is in conflict relating to the complaint, another suitable individual will be identified. The Complaints Panel will consider all aspects of the case, and draw on information from executives previously involved in handling the issue. It will also ensure that lessons learned are fed into editorial and managerial processes.