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Songs Of Praise commissioning opportunity

songs of praise

Programmes for 2013/14 to be produced for Songs of Praise by an Independent TV Production Company

Update 7 Nov 2012:

Based on questions we’ve received so far, it is also acceptable to submit programme ideas that would suit transmission dates other than those set out in the Invitation to Pitch. The Songs of Praise transmission schedule for 2013-14 is currently planned to include the specified dates for the programmes from Wales, but it would be possible to accommodate alternative dates if your three programme proposals merit this. It would help if one of the three programmes suits a transmission close to St David’s Day.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Series Editor, David Taviner.


Original brief 10 Sep 2012:

The BBC is commissioning three programmes for transmission in 2013/14.  The opportunity for these programmes sits within the Independent Quota.

We are interested in new ways of involving and representing communities throughout the UK in Songs of Praise. We would be particularly interested in proposals from producers in Wales with production teams experienced in producing event programming, who can bring a new perspective to Songs of Praise in Wales.

This is what is required:

To deliver three distinct programmes for transmission on BBC One on the following dates:

  • Programme 1:  Sunday 25th August 2013  (As this is a bank holiday weekend, a programme with an outdoor feel - showing off the beautiful Welsh landscape/coast - would be appropriate)
  • Programme 2:  Sunday 3rd November 2013  (Ideas welcome. All Saints Day is 1st November - but that may not be relevant.)
  • Programme 3:  Sunday 23rd February 2014  (This programme should have a distinctly Welsh theme as it will transmit prior to St David's Day but it doesn't need to focus on the Welsh saint.)

We have covered many themes and locations over the years so, to avoid duplication please check out the episodes tab on our Songs Of Praise site and look at the associated programme information. 

For each programme, you are asked to submit a draft running order - to include choice of music and interview themes/contributors - together with brief research notes. Start with a short billing, to summarise the programme idea, and provide any photographs, video or audio, as you see fit.

Submissions process

All proposals should be submitted through the e-commissioning system to Commissioning Editor, Aaqil Ahmed. Please note: if your production company is not already registered on the system, please read the registration criteria to check you are eligible to pitch and complete an application in good time. Registration applications can take several days to be reviewed, and access to submit a proposal is subject to an application being accepted.


The deadline for your submission is: 30 November 2012

Please note:

  • The programmes should showcase Christian faith and Christian music in Wales    
  • The importance of Christian faith should shine through in the interviews with contributors 
  • Celebrity contributors may help ensure the programmes get positive press coverage
  • The choice of music (to be clash checked and discussed with Music Advisor and Series Editor) should reflect the Songs of Praise playlist but can include some appropriate surprises
  • No more than one hymn in Welsh (per programme)
  • Congregational singing from at least one location (captured as one OB)
  • Performance music filmed either at the OB location or at other locations
  • Choice of presenter(s) to be discussed with Series Editor
  • Final budget to be approved by the Songs of Praise Production Manager
  • Each programme to delivered no later than 2 weeks before transmission - along with other deliverables (1 music sequence, 1 interview and 1 programmer trailer - these become clips for the series website and audio for BBC Local Radio)
  • Off-line edit is usually five days; On-line and Dub take place on one or two (additional) days
  • There will be two off-line viewings; the first with the Series Editor and the second with the Series Editor and Head of TV, Religion & Ethics (to review the cut before final finessing and prior to the voiceover) [These viewings need to be diarised in plenty of time)
  • There is one Final Viewing when the Series Editor signs off the finished programme, prior to a Tech Review
  • Programme information uploaded to the series website

The Programme Fee per episode is £60,000 made up as follows: BBC Contribution: £58,000 and BBC Worldwide investment: £2,000.


The Producer shall within the Programme Fee make such payments as are necessary to ensure that no use fees, repeat fees or residuals shall be payable in respect of the broadcast or exploitation of the Programme in any part of the universe by any means and in any media whether now known or hereafter invented in perpetuity.

If you have any queries, please contact Barbara Cummins 

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