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New Current Affairs Commissioning priorities now available (March 2012)

Clive EdwardsThe latest Current Affairs Commissioning development briefs have been published.

You can view Clive Edwards' latest development priorities across all three channels including commissioning slot and audience details, what's been working well on the channel and where opportunities are available.

You can find a summary of the priorities below and find more detail by clicking on each of the following channel links.





Current Affairs on BBC One

  • Panorama 30's and more rarely 60's to run as specials.

Current Affairs on BBC Two

  • Accessible pieces with broad appeal - Flexible on shape but no singles - Could be 2 - 3 × 60' short series.
  • This World - BBC Two - Pre and post watershed 60's.
  • 2 - 4 x 60's Shape flexible. Could be 2 × 60' essay-like or 3 - 4 × 60' series for 2100 or 2000.

Current Affairs on BBC Three

  •  Flexible on shape - 1×60' or shorter 2 - 3×60' series.

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