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File Delivery Made Simple Workshops: Sign Up

Do you know how to deliver your programme by file? If not, the Digital Production Partnership (DPP) is running three File Delivery Made Simple workshops at selected locations around the UK.

The workshops are primarily aimed at Producers and Production Managers rather than technical staff but everyone is welcome and will give attendees the chance to hear from and quiz experts on:

  • DPP Technical Standards and Metadata: what the heck is this ‘DPP file’ business all about?
  • R128 Loudness and Your Edit: how do I make sure people hear my programme properly?
  • Create and Export a DPP AS-11 File: the computer file version of ‘laying off to tape’.
  • Producer Review: how you can be sure the audience get exactly what you intended.
  • Auto QC and PSE: how technology can help with the really techie stuff.
  • Delivery Methods: what you do when you don’t use a courier.
  • What Happens to Your File at the Broadcaster: the bit you never get to see.
  • Recalled Files: just imagine there was a last minute change to your programme.

Workshop dates:

Mon 9 June: BBC Scotland, Pacific Quay, Glasgow 

Tue 10 June: BBC Broadcasting House, Bristol 

Wed 11 June: BBC MediaCityUK, 'On The 7th' building, Salford

Find out more and book your place now through the DPP website.


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