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e-Commissioning system improvements

The following fixes and changes to the e-commissioning system have now been implemented. We do hope that they improve your experience of using the system and we welcome any observations on these changes when using the software, please contact the e-Commissioning system manager to offer any feedback and go to the e-commissioning page to keep across future changes.

Session time-out length

The session time-out length as now been extended from 30 minutes to 3 hours. Some supplier users have experienced their proposal forms timing out before their first save of the form.

Session start and end times

Session start and end times will now be displayed on your proposal submission form in the top right hand corner (see screen grab below). Each time that you save your proposal submission form, the session end time will be refreshed to reflect your new session end time.

We would recommend that you still save your proposal form regularly and build up the proposal to avoid any session time-outs caused by your internet connection dropping out.

ecommissioning session start and end times

Viewing your proposal submissions archive

The 'My Propsal Status and 'My Company Proposals Status' forms have been enhanced (see screen grabs below) to allow you to view either your active proposals, or all the proposals that you have submitted to the BBC, including any that have been archived following commission or rejection.

You can access these forms via the 'Admin' section of your account. Administrator users will see both forms and all company offers as owners of the supplier account, additional company users will see only the 'My Proposal Status' form and their proposals specifically.


ecomm admin screen


My Company Proposal Status


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