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BBC publishes Annual WoCC results and its response to the BBC Trust's second WoCC review

Figures out today (30.6.10) for the BBC’s WOCC (Window of Creative Competition) for financial year 2010/2011 show marginal changes to the hours won by in-house versus independent production companies.

Overall, network programme hours within the WOCC have remained broadly the same between in-house and independents but there has been a slight growth for independents, from 70% to 72% and a slight dip for in-house, from 30% to 28%.

Within individual genres, however, there have been changes in the numbers which shows the WOCC’s success in providing a platform for creative competition in action (see numbers below).

George Entwistle, Director BBC Vision said:

“The WoCC was set up to stimulate creativity and every year we see that demonstrated through healthy competition in each of the genres. As one of the key ways the BBC continues to deliver high quality programmes for its audience from both in-house production and the independent sector, the WoCC continues to do a very important job.”

Bal Samra, Director Vision Operations added:

“Over the past four years we’ve seen movements in individual genres. This is how it should be and demonstrates the success of the WoCC in inspiring the best for all audiences.”

Last year the BBC worked with a total of 305 independent production companies across the UK strengthening the BBC’s supplier base.


Share of WOCC won by in-house and indies

 Share of WOCC won by in-house and indies


The BBC’s response to the BBC Trust’s second review of the WoCC is also published today and you can read the Executive Response to the Trust’s Recommendations

In the review the BBC has committed to publish the size of the WoCC, by genre, in terms of both hours and money as each buying model is created for each financial year. The first publication will be later this year for the 2013/14 buying model. AI's will also be published for the first time on a twice yearly basis each year on the commissioning website. This will include key pieces of audience qualitative research.

How it works

  • The WoCC applies to all network genres excluding news.
  • Across the WoCC genres, 50% of BBC output must be made in-house and 25% by indies. Both compete for the remaining 25%.
  • The levels of the WoCC and the guarantees apply across all BBC output but can differ in size within genres, to fit with the corporation’s editorial strategy
  • In-house and indies must fill their respective guarantees within each genre before competing for the WoCC.
  • Output is measured by network hours for the financial year. The outcome for independents includes non qualifying independents.

For further information, please contact:

Tessa Matchett, Head of Strategic Communications, Vision
07712 077 966




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