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Audio & Music Independent Production Company Database

Tim Davie

Dear All

Last year we announced a five point plan to help improve the way we work with Radio Independents and a key part of that was replacing any genre specific preferred supplier list with an Open Indie Criteria, that would be used across BBC Radio.

We are currently in the process of replacing all the various Independent Production Company Databases held by the networks (including the genre specific preferred supplier lists used by Radio 4) with one central Audio & Music Database, which will be managed by A&M HQ.

The idea is that from the beginning of 2012 this will be used to alert Indies about all commissioning rounds, any changes in editorial compliance, changes to Proteus and general BBC information. Wherever possible from 2012 we will no longer send out PDF files but instead direct companies to the BBC Radio Commissioning Website so ensuring that Indies are aware of the commissioning opportunities that are around. This Database will also be used by Business Affairs for communication. Business Affairs will continue to hold all bank details separately.

In order to ensure we have the correct details for you, and you get the information you require from us, we will need to build the database from scratch.

If you would like to hear about Commissioning Rounds at the BBC in the future then please complete and return the Pro-Forma.

We have designed the Pro Forma with RIG, all the network teams, Business and Legal Affairs and the BBC's Data Protection team. It is self certificated and should not take long to fill in.

We will no longer be using our old list of contacts after 31st December 2011, so you will need to return your pro-forma before the end of the year in order to be set up on the new system, as information about commissioning rounds will be sent out centrally from next year.

The first offers rounds we will be using the Indie database for will be in early 2012.

To sign up to the BBC Audio & Music database, please complete a Pro-Forma and email it to Tim Dye.

Details about the form are available from the BBC Radio Commissioning website and you can find out more from the Individual network pages.

Thank you for taking the time to read this email and we look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes


Tim Davie

Director, BBC Audio & Music











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