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Entertainment on BBC Four

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** There are currently no opportunities for new Entertainment on BBC Four.


Entertainment on BBC Four delivers wit and levity to the schedule and, in particular, is the place where mainstream names can indulge their passions.

Great BBC Four Entertainment programmes create real impact in the schedule and bring new viewers to the channel and so we remain receptive to ideas that promise to deliver genuinely intelligent, creative and enjoyable shows in tune with the values of the channel and audience.

For online and Red Button content ideas for Entertainment please visit the service strategy page for BBC iPlayer, Red Button and programme pages.

Find out more about the overall BBC Four service strategy

The Audience

What connects the BBC Four audience is not age, wealth or place of origin but attitude, curiosity and passion. For them, television must compete with a host of other entertainment options and interests: TV is a way to stimulate themselves rather than a way of filling time. Rather than general TV browsing they tend to come to the channel with a specific programme in mind. As a result, BBC Four audiences are engaged viewers.

Entertainment programmes can be rooted in what for other audiences would be pretty arcane subject matter (Asian cinema or cryptic crosswords) but ideas still need to be executed with ambition and scale, either through the use of mainstream or respected talent or through longer runs. Intelligence and wit are crucial. BBC Four has shown it can attract really diverse audiences - it's all about their attitude to life and their need for 'clever pleasure'.

Seasons in particular are a really powerful hook to bring new, broader audiences to the channel - entertainment can add a really important lightness of touch and wit to the season.

Commissioning Slots

There are currently no opportunities for new Entertainment on BBC Four. We will be reviewing this in Autumn 2014.

However, there are currently Entertainment slots available for BBC One and BBC Two.

How should I submit my ideas and who should I pitch to?

All proposals should be submitted via BBC Pitch to the relevant Genre Controller or Commissioner. 

Find contacts in Entertainment Commissioning.

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