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Daytime & Early Peak on BBC One


Controller: Liam Keelan


Daytime BBC One has changed markedly over the last few years. Event-driven programming covering areas as diverse as social history, current affairs and consumer magazines have all been given much greater presence in the schedule both at 0915 and at 1100. 

Ideas need to have breadth. They must play equally well with a retired postman and a stay-at-home mum. We have a 40% male audience so ideas that alienate men are unlikely to be commissioned.

Ideas should have returnable potential. Can you imagine yours sustaining 25 episodes a year or even longer?

On-screen talent is key to a daytime show. We're keen to hear about the new generation of experts. The faces of daytime are all respected for their knowledge, charm and enthusiasm. We don't have to have established names but new faces need to be the sorts of people the audience would share a cup of tea with!

The Audience

There is no generic daytime audience. It is very diverse - from the retired, to home workers, shift workers, housewives and students.

Overall there is a female bias to the BBC Daytime audience but 40% of the audience is male so ideas must take their needs and interests into account.

The BBC attracts an older audience in Daytime but this does not mean they should be underestimated. The success and appreciation of new genres introduced over the last few years on BBC ONE suggest an audience appetite for more challenging programmes.

The Daytime landscape has changed dramatically over the last few years. The audience now want high quality programmes during the day - an expectation driven by increased choice, the ability to time-shift and the availability of peak-time repeats on digital channels.

What's been working well gallery

Pointless - Pointless is a brilliantly simple quiz show with a clear but innovative premise that viewers get straightaway.  The game play itself is inclusive, meaning everyone can play along even if you don't know the answers. Importantly, the tone of the show is warm and the relationship between the hosts Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman brings so much to the show with their sense of humour.


Saints and Scroungers - The Scroungers are amazing cases of fraud, but they’re balanced with emotional and uplifting Saints stories. Money is at the heart of the series, but crucially these stories are happening in the real world, they’re not made for TV, so it feels relevant and means the series has great returnability.

Saints & Scroungers

Rip Off Britain - Rip Off Britain is a consumer series that takes its lead directly from the gripes reported to us by our viewers. The presenters, who are trusted by the audience with a proven journalistic track record, pursue stories that usually have a resonance with a wide audience.  In the process, viewers are given information that can help them to help themselves. The second series was repeated in peak on BBC One attracting viewing figures of over 5 million.

Rip Off Britain

Cowboy Trap - The mix of emotional personal stories, practical advice and heart-warming reveals makes Cowboy Trap a favourite with the audience.  Clive Holland and his hands on attitude gives the series a strong personality and real presence in the schedule.

Cowboy Trap

 Commissioning slots

BBC One – Factual & Current Affairs: 5-20 x 45' at 09:15

Tariff  range: price targeted between £25k - £50k per hour

This has recently been the most creative daytime slot where more risks are taken and new things are tried. Current affairs, factual and consumer programmes have all performed well in this slot. Coming out of the news, shows need to feel substantial, fast paced and have high stakes.

Successes in this slot include Heir Hunters, Helicopter Heroes, Fake Britain and Crimewatch Roadshow.

Shows with companion pieces later in the schedule have been well received at 0915; these include The Week We Went to War and the drama Land Girls, and Rewind The 60s and the accompanying drama The Indian Doctor.

BBC One – Factual Entertainment or Consumer Affairs: Min 15 x 30' or 45’ at 11:00

Tariff  range: price targeted between £25k - £50k per hour

We are looking for new half hour or 45 minute formats that engage the audience. This slot has traditionally been dedicated to property but we are also interested in extending the brief to include consumer affairs ideas. As with property at 1100 shows need to feel realistic, but still have a generally positive tone and it is important that formats have some form of resolution.

One of our successes in this slot is Saints and Scroungers.  In this format Dominic Littlewood looks at the work of fraud investigators who bring benefit thieves to justice and he meets the genuine claimants who deserve government help.  The series has great access to compelling stories, footage and contributors.  Whilst money is central, there is a sense of justice and revelation about what people are actually entitled to at its heart, making the series feel real and relevant. 

Where are the opportunities available?

In 12/13 there are opportunities for programming within the Independent Quota, the WoCC and In-house guarantee. A number of these opportunities have a Regional and Nations quota attached.

How should I submit my ideas and who should I pitch to?

All proposals should be submitted via the e-commissioning system to the relevant genre controller or commissioner. Take a look at the Who's Who for the latest daytime and early peak commissioning team contacts.

Want to know more about the broader Daytime and Early Peak service strategy?

If you would like to know more about Liam Keelan’s Daytime and Early Peak channel strategy, please visit the Daytime and Early Peak page.

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