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bbc one strategy

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"BBC One aims to speak to everyone in the UK through warm hearted programming that celebrates the richness and diversity of life in new and surprising ways"



BBC One is the UK’s most popular channel.  It must continue to be competitive, high-impact, and distinguished by quality. The channel should showcase Britain's best talent and the nation's most talked-about and loved programmes.

BBC One’s relationship with its audience is one that has been nurtured over many decades.  The channel has history and heritage with a unique ability to bring the nation together - it is the home of the events that matter most to the British people. We want to continue to reach all parts of the UK and create programmes that become part of the national conversation.

Our vision for BBC One is to become more distinctive, diverse and ambitious whilst proudly fulfilling the BBC’s founding values: to inform, educate and entertain.


Programme Aspirations for BBC One

BBC One is about aiming for the very best in production values, story-telling and talent in all genres. We want a rich-mix of programmes with scale and ambition that will appeal across the range to everyone in the UK.



LastTango in Halifax
The warm hearted and witty Last Tango in Halifax was one of the Drama hits of the year

BBC One drama is distinctive and ambitious with challenging pieces such as The Village and Ripper Street, to returning favourites New TricksDeath in Paradise and Call the MidwifeLast Tango in Halifax drew in large heartland audiences and The Syndicate and Luther had broad appeal.  Dr Who successfully reached out to families and long running series Casualty and Holby City continued to tackle topical and often tough storylines.



Strictly Come Dancing 2013

Strictly Come Dancing was the most watched format of the year on all channels

Entertainment is crucial to BBC One. We’re looking for high-end Saturday night studio formats with broad appeal such as The Voice UK and the ever-popular Strictly Come Dancing. We need to find new panel shows and high-energy tea-time family entertainment formats. We’re also looking to expand our factual-entertainment offering building on the successes of The Apprentice and Masterchef.

Comedy-entertainment formats such as Live At The Apollo and Room 101 have an important role in the BBC One story.  Regardless of slot, we want to see the best ideas for original and ‘must see’ entertainment. 



Big School

David Walliams' new sitcom Big School built a loyal audience.

Comedy remains a priority for BBC One and a crucial way of bringing the nation together.  New series of Mrs Brown's Boys and Miranda reached ratings highs, the popular Citizen Khan had a second series, Mr Stink was a Christmas hit and new comedy Big School clearly hit our viewers' funny bone.  We will continue to look for strong narrative comedy that is rooted in different worlds and experiences.  We’re also interested in new studio sitcom ideas with broad appeal that bring fresh ideas and the funniest talent to our audience. 


Specialist Factual


David Attenborough's epic series Africa regularly achieved over 7million viewers.

BBC One offers a broad range of content within factual programming - from history and religion to science and the arts – and we will continue to do so. Alongside David Attenborough's Africa, we innovated with Penguins: Spy in the Huddle and history was powerfully retold with Pompeii: The Mystery of the People Frozen in Time.  We will continue to search for specialist factual series that will surprise, delight and engage broad audiences.



Wheelers Dealers and Del Boys

Part of The Cost of Living Season, Wheelers, Dealers and Del Boys was a popular one-off which will be returning as a series.  

There is a strong tradition of compelling documentary story-telling on BBC One ranging from softer formats such as obs-docs series Parking Wars to tougher pieces such as The Prisoners.

Character led stories like The Woman Who Woke Up Chinese and Britain's Biggest Hoarders (a series inspired by My Hoarder Mum and Me) are of broad appeal and have impact with our audiences.  Stories with topicality eg My £9.50 Holiday and Pound Shop Wars are also much appreciated  

Much loved personalities have also drawn viewers to documentary formats such as the ever-popular series Who Do You Think You Are? and more pro-active timely pieces like Nick and Margaret: We All Pay Your Benefits.  We are looking for more ambitious documentary ideas that will work at 9pm and 10.35pm.


DIY SOS Big Build

DIY SOS: The Big Build is a fun, emotional, engaging format with real heart and a powerful sense of purpose.

Features are an important way of engaging and inspiring broad audiences.  The heart-warming DIY SOS:The Big Build continues to be immensely popular with viewers across the demographic while Holiday Hit Squad, Supermarket Secrets and Food Inspectors keep consumer issues in the spotlight in an entertaining and informative way.  We are looking for new formats that explore territories that matter to people.  We also want ideas for series that would work at peak; ambitious, must-see factual formats that will get the nation talking.


Current Affairs


Panorama's Britain's Hidden Housing Crisis uncovered shocking truths whilst retaining its journalistic integrity.

BBC One brings current affairs to a primetime audience with Panorama on a Monday night featuring hard-hitting investigations such as Disabled or Faking It?, Immigration Undercover, Old, Drunk and Disorderly and the much talked about North Korea Undercover. We continue to look for 30 and 60 minute high impact investigations that matter and speak to people. 

We will keep innovating in popular current affairs and empowering consumer journalism whether it’s in the form of one-off documentaries, in stand alone series, under the Panorama umbrella or in strands such as The One Show.


The Tone of The Channel

The One Show

The ever popular The One Show taps into the national conversation and truly reflects the whole of the UK. 

BBC One is at the heart of the UK, engaging the whole country with programmes that reflect their lives and make sense of their world. It's a channel that our audience grew up with, put simply it is the BBC to most people. They trust it and they are proud of it. So our tone should display authority, compassion and confidence. But it should also crackle with the energy of a nation living and breathing our channel and our shows.

Watching great TV is a social event and our tone of voice should share that experience with our audiences. It's not them and us. We're all in it, enjoying it together. BBC One also has more live TV than any other channel. It should always feel like it's on the pulse, reflecting and inspiring the national conversation and continually innovating to surprise and delight our heartland whilst reaching out to new audiences.

We are also working with iPlayer and  BBC Online to ensure we constantly innovate the ways people consume our content and that we continue to have a dialogue with our audience 24/7.

Our Audience

Eastenders Masoods

BBC One is the shop window for the BBC and must appeal to a broad mainstream audience.
However, BBC One also needs to provide much-loved programmes for everyone in the UK, so it's important that the channel finds high impact programmes that appeal across the board.
In an environment where audiences are fragmenting, BBC One is the place where people can come together to share great TV moments – uniting audiences across all ages.


Want to know more about BBC One?

If you would like to know more about BBC One programmes, content and schedules, please visit the BBC One channel website.

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