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28 October 2014

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Natalie Casey Interview - Part 2 of 2

Is Natalie Casey interview continued...

What's your most amusing alcohol-fuelled experience?

It sounds lame but I don't really drink. Mainly because it makes me very ill and I'm also quite embarrassing. I get very northern.

What's the rudest thing you've ever done while squiffy?
I once got someone's knob out. It was someone I know, just to check for size, you understand.

What's your idea of a great night out?
Going to the cinema. I love films, and just came back from a film festival. I also like walking around places. I live in Greenwich, which is a great place to walk around.

Do you have any cool party tricks?
I can tie a knot in a cherry stalk with my tongue and can roll my tummy like a belly dancer.

Which cast member do you fancy most and why?
I wouldn't go for Will as he's like my brother and Ralf's not my type, so neither of the boys. In terms of confidence, I'd have to say Sheridan. She's one of the most confident people I've ever met.

What's your best chat-up line?
Chat-up lines are lame so I don't use them. I suppose I just say hello and see if they made me laugh. I like to have the door held open for me.

Describe the sex-god/goddess of your dreams.
In terms of looks, I think Woody Harrelson's gorgeous. I like men who are really rough looking, like they've been in a fight. I like a man who knows how to put up shelves. I like Lee Evans' personality, his slapstick humour.

Who did you last show your bare bottom to?
My boyfriend Jason, who looks like he can put up shelves.

Have you ever lied to get a shag?
No! Call me old fashioned, but I just like to talk.

Favourite ever comedy series/inspiration?
Early Eddie Murphy, like his live shows, Raw and Delirious. My sister and I watched them when we were younger and were always quoting bits. It's really stayed with me.

Have you ever been to Runcorn? Do you think you've improved its image?
A lot of people actually complained about us showing young people living in sin and swearing. But I say that people can just switch it off if they don't like it. We've made it seem bigger than it is in real-life.

In which ways, if any, are you similar to your character?
I'm quite independent and I'm a similar height. Donna's confident and insecure at the same time, which I suppose is a bit like me. Thankfully, I have a better relationship with my mum than Donna does with hers.

What's the most amusing thing that's happened during filming?
There have been so many times. There was one scene when me and Will were filming a scene in the garage. We couldn't get the scene done for laughing. Will's the funniest person in the world - just the things he comes out with, the sayings. He always times it just when you need to concentrate.

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