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24 September 2014

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Kathryn Drysdale Interview - Part 2 of 2

Kathryn Drysdale interview continued...

Is that your real voice? (Question from Mel in Dublin)

What do you think? Hi. What made u think louise would talk like that?? And, I heard u come from Wigan is that true? (Question from Lucy in Wigan)
I don't talk like that... that's the point of acting! She's a dizzy character so she has a squeaky voice. I have a friend with that voice who is very ditzy. I am from Wigan but I have lived in London for seven years.

Hi Kathryn. Have I seen you in the Brocket Pub in Wigan or was I just hallucinating? (Question from Chris Penning in Wigan)
Kathryn: No, you were not hallucinating! My parents live in Wigan and from time to time, when I go up to visit them, I go to the Brocket. Next time you see me buy me a drink you cheapskate!

What is your bra size? (Question from Ryan in Wednesbury)

If you could swap your roles with either Janet(Sheridan) Donna (Natalie) or Flo (Beverly) then would you? Or would you still play Louise? (Question from Viv in Cumbria)
Donna. When I first auditioned for the show I was seen for Donna. I find Louise a bit irritating. Donna rocks.

Do you and the "Loverble" Louise have anything in common in real life like clothes, music, or even men? (Question from Graham E. Fuller in Runcorn)
I like clothes and at times can be blunt but that's it. Louise like cheesy pop music whereas I listen to the likes of Dr Dre, The Roots, Jay-Z and Missy Elliot. She goes for Saddos whereas I like fit men with humour, wit and style.

OK, so you play a cool character in the series but what is it really like working behind the scenes with the hunkey will mellor? (Question from: Leona in the UK)
Cool? Louise?! ...Working with Will is an absolute joy. He's always showing us his willy. He put it on my shoulder once when we were rehearsing. Seriously, when I first got this job, I was really shy and the cast was already acquainted in one way or another. But Will made me feel welcome. He's a gem.

Do you like lizards? (Question from Sir Clive in Northampton)
Kathryn: Am not really arsed one way or the other about Lizards.

Your character Lousie really reminds me of me! Are you anything like your character, and who do you base her on? (Question from Laura in Essex)
I based Louise on a friend who is very girlie and squeaky. I can't tell you her name as she'll kill me… and my Nan. The friend really does have a baby voice like that by the way. There aren't too many similarities, except we're both small and like clothes. Oh, and I can be a bit of a Diva sometimes!

What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever done? (Question from: Vivienne in London)
At Drama School we were all doing some weird movement sequence, like being an egg or something, and the room was deadly silent, and just as everyone was 'feeling the moment' I let out a huge fart. Everyone stopped and started laughing at me. Of course I tried to blame it someone else, in my embarrassment.

What's been your most fun time while filming? (Question from Jasmin in London)
Letting our hair down on a Friday night after the live studio tapings, at the BBC. We all have a laugh when we do location work up North too, as we all stay in the same Hotel.

Do you have a dog? (Question from Kelly Stroud in school)
No. I am allergic to dogs. Did you notice I had gloves on when I worked with Chesney the dog? That's why!

Kathryn, are you worried that you might become typecast as a moron? (Question from: Peter N in Leicester)
Not at all. I do drama roles in between each series, ensuring I do different accents and ages. If you look at my cv on www.pfd.co.uk you will see I have done tons of different roles. I have just finished a series on Shakespeare for the Beeb and I'm classically trained.

If you could be anyone else from a different TV show who would it be and why? (Question from Rachel in Shifnal)
Bart Simpson, cause he's naughty but nice. Also Eliza Bennett in Pride and Prejudice - a part to die for; I mean who wouldn't shag Mr Darcy?

Hello. What other things have you done or will be doing besides this sitcom? (Question from: Elliot in Batley)
I have just played a period role in Mira Nair's feature film Vanity Fair which stars Reece Witherspoon. I played a rich heiress called Rhoda Swartz if you've ever read the book, which was fun. I have also done a series called From Bard to Verse, played a Scally on Mersey Beat and a 16 year old with learning difficulties in Doctors. I was recently in Ultimate Force as a teenage cult member who was brainwashed and in Rockface I played a devious tart called Susie Parkiss. (I hope people don't recognize me from job to job, as then I know I'm doing my job well.) Am currently filming the fourth series of Two Pints and waiting on something exciting which is possibly in the pipeline.

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