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28 October 2014

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Series Six, Episode Nine: CLOSING TIME

First aired 23rd April 2006

Two Pints

Jonny is still missing Gaz, possibly a little bit too much, which makes him wonder if he might be turning a bit gay. Janet's sympathy is short-lived as she receives a letter saying The Archer is going to be closed for good.

Much to Donna's annoyance, Gaz arranges for her little brother to come and stay with them, but Dion turns out to be a teenage terror rather than a loveable tot.

To stop the pub being closed down, Janet and Kelly create their own hostage situation, but it fails to raise any interest. Would a siege work any better perhaps? Jonny's sexuality is still causing him confusion, but a forced-snog with one of the elderly pub regulars is hardly likely to prove anything.

The horror of Donna's brother causes her to abandon all hope of having a decent family, until Gaz suggests they start from the beginning and make their own family. Donna can't help herself, and gets down on one knee and asks Gaz to marry her and he accepts.

The siege gets under way at the pub and all the gang are determined to stay put, but when a man from the brewery arrives and describes the various death traps in the building, Janet is left with no option but to lock-up for the very last time.

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