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28 October 2014

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Series Five, Episode Two: NOBBLY BOBBLY

First aired 11 January 2005

Two Pints

With Gaz's help, Donna sorts through her dead Mum Flo's things. They discover that Flo has left the house to Donna in her will on one strange condition - they must not open the cupboard under the stairs.

Gaz starts to believe that the cupboard must contain the thing he's most scared of - a ghostly sheep. They decide to open the cupboard and take the consequences.

After a night in a police cell, Louise sees psychotherapist Dr Yark. He uncovers the truth, that Louise found Janet and Gaz sleeping together. Louise realises she was actually trying to protect Jonny from discovering this truth, by getting him shot.

Louise now decides she must tell Jonny about Gaz and Janet.

Jonny is still enjoying the life of laziness that being shot in the leg allows, despite Janet bugging him to take exercise. Jonny later realises being shot by the police has given him agoraphobia.

Janet is determined to cure Jonny with 'biscuit therapy' but it's only when Janet decides to starve Jonny out of the house that she has any success. Jonny is so excited he proposes to Janet... just as Louise arrives to tell Jonny the truth.

Munch and Kelly's relationship takes a scary turn when she persuades him to come with her into the cellar for some pineapple juice.

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