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28 October 2014

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Debbie Chazen and Lucy Montgomery

One of the best and certainly the most varied of recent sketch formats, Tittybangbang is gathering a loyal and addicted following that's grown series on series thus far.

The show features female performers portraying a wealth of characters in a variety of odd situations; brilliant, off-centre catchphrases and deeply disturbing activities from the likes of forensics perverts Parker and Harris and the horribly disfigured surgery-addict Maxine Bendix.

Tittybangbang creators Jill Parker, Debbie Chazen and Lucy Montgomery (with a bit of help from Bob Mortimer) have picked the best elements that made formats like Little Britain, Catherine Tate and the League of Gentlemen - together with a sense of catchphrase that’s reminiscent of the Fast Show - work, and chucked them in together to see what comes out.

Scorton Ladies' Darts Team

For anyone who thought that sketch comedy was either a bit dry, or so saturated by Little B and Catherine T that there wasn't any room for anything else, Tittybangbang's extraordinary range of characters is a must-view.

Although most of the key characters in Tittybangbang are female, there's a huge range of male characters as well.

This is the main difference between the show and the previous top women's sketch format, Smack the Pony. In the latter, most of the characters were girls. In Tittybangbang, there's a marked tendency to cross-dress.

Another difference is that whereas Smack featured a lot of male performers, almost every character male and female is played by women. The accuracy - yet grotesque quality - of the performers' male characters is cringe-inducing for any bloke watching, of course.

Chief amongst the men you wouldn't want to be is Don Peacock, always ordering prostitutes to his flat, occasionally urinating on his dog. Yum.

Other male characters include Pete Wade the garden centre weirdo with his amazingly small genitals, and Tom Cruise, whom the group foists a team of useless and endlessly pouting security guards upon.

The Italian Maid

The best characters however are women. The Italian Maid who does everything she can to attract attention - including attempted suicide - but always proclaims 'I'm shy!', and the Vampire Slayers, bored housewives who have decided to attack people they think might be vampires with a can of oven cleaner, are just two examples.

The two series thus far of Tittybangbang have revealed a huge level of invention and clever writing, performed to perfection by a team who throw themselves into every situation with gusto.

The sketches might not always work, but they're mostly short and to the point. As with most fast-moving formats, you're on to the next one before you have time to not like the less effective.

Tittybangbang, whilst not as huge as other formats, is possibly the most inventive sketch show about at the moment and has enough energy for a lot more series to come.


Debbie Chazen
Lucy Montgomery
Lorraine Cheshire
Shelley Longworth
Velile Tshabalala
Tony Way


Jill Parker
Lucy Montgomery
Lisa Clark

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