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27 November 2014

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Comedy Thieves Like Us

Mondays, 8.30pm on BBC THREE
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The main cast of Thieves Like Us

The Trotter brothers used to knock out hooky gear in Only Fools and Horses. Here's who they got it off.

Thieves Like Us is a six-part sitcom featuring a classic comic double act - Bex and Ollie, a couple of jobbing burglars. The lads make a living out of lifting stuff from factories, warehouses, offices and shops, and take work wherever they can find it.

Ollie and Bex Neither are particularly ambitious or courageous, preferring instead to aim low and live comfortably rather than risk big and gain big. Although essentially criminals, Bex and Ollie have a strong sense of morality and won't break into normal people's homes, or touch anything with deep sentimental value. They're also allergic to violence - they break out in cuts and bruises.

Bex has a steady girlfriend in Mel, whereas Ollie is somewhere in the top ten with Belinda. Each girlfriend has differing views about what their fellas do for a living and this can sometimes create problems, though at the end of the day both Mel and Belinda know what Tammy Wynette was banging on about when she sung her most famous song.

Writer Danny King is the author of the Burglar Diaries series of books, from which the show is adapted. He ought to know what he's talking about, as he himself was a burglar for some years. Naughty Danny.

OllieYou may be wondering where you've seen Ollie before - Fraser Ayres was DJ-Janitor Clint in The Smoking Room.

Cast & Crew

Tom Brooke
Fraser Ayres
Chereen Buckley
Jessica Harris
Gary Beadle
DS Haynes
Darren Tighe
David Bradley
Andrew Buckley
Roger Sloman
Ian Bartholomew
Sergeant Atwell
Robin King
PC Bennett
Danny King
Micheál Jacob
Executive Producer
Pete Thornton
Ben Kellett

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