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28 October 2014
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A Man with a Spacehopper for a head

Your Office Gallery

Browse the gallery of things you have snapped round your office. »

Here are some of our favourite pics at the mo... Sleeping Beauty
Keith Spoon
Men in a Box
Gold Stars
Dreaming of Vacation - sent by K Bashinski
Contemplating Suicide - sent by K Bashinski
Womb Raider - sent by Jon B
Hiding - sent by K Bashinski
SOS - sent by K Bashinski
Office Monkey - sent by Christian Bushell
Yikes! - sent by James Upright
Psych Nurse Fashionista - sent by Earl Cook
Dawn gets married - sent by Peter Muter
Oooh get him! - sent by Jared Brading
A Jellyboard - sent by Nicholas Todd
IT Helpdesk - sent by Ollie Chandler
Spirit's Adventures in Filing - sent by Kate Fortescue
Spirit's Adventures in Xeroxing - sent by Kate Fortescue
Everyday Office Surrealism - sent by Paul Smith
Not a plate of sick but a jelly - sent by Ben Garmston
Cardboard Austin - sent by Peter Porter
Those Kerazy Bagheads - sent by Glenn
Beach Party Theme Day - sent by Ewan Fisher
Sleeping Beauty - sent by Richard Monck
Look Behind You - sent by Steve Cook
Bin with Teabags - sent by Holly Glenn
Big Bird - sent by Steve Gibbons
There's Life Out There - sent by Phil Elston
"Book Man" Bounty - sent by Jodie Raper
Doodling - sent by Jodie Raper
Breaking the Mould - sent by Dilbert and Longshaw
The Shame of Matalan - sent by Pete
Brown Nosing - sent by Justin Marchant
Office Moonie - sent by Nick Bromley
The Real Burger King - sent by Saff Tyson
One Cake Too Many - sent by Stuart Pearce
Oldie But Goldie - sent by Will Hives
Nasty Draw - sent by Jonathan Bodfish
Cheeseburger Challenge - sent by Jamie Robertson
Classy Bird - sent by Steven Drennan
Code Monkey - sent by Phil Elston
Inside the Photocopier - sent by Kandy Orbs
New Size Meeting Rooms - sent by Phil Evans
Fun with Showercaps - sent by Glenn
Sith Lord of the Monitor - sent by James Francis
Lucky Keyboard - sent by Roy Deighton
Des'Ree Viral - sent by Andy Downing
Disco King - sent by Russell Dyer
Dirty Dishes - sent by Andrew Maccines
Our receptionist is a real dog - sent by Caroline Fulford
Wounded Dolphin - sent by Brendon Ward
Territorial Army Duck - sent by Warren Lewis
Gnome Paradise - sent by Kenneth Pantling
Dr Evil with a Spoon - sent by Mark Skinner
File Raider - sent by Jon B.
Hawaiian Nightmare - sent by James Little
Don't Mention the War - sent by Glenn Ashcroft & Rob Amey
Two Grapes - sent by Matthew Dungey
Gurning for England - sent by Paul Masters
Mind Crushing Boredom - sent by Michael Halewood
A Hard Day At The Office - sent by Justin Marchant
Hell Files - sent by Alex Veness
IT Helpdesk - sent by Ollie Chandler
Sleep Or Sleep Not - sent by Richard Bailey
Desktop Holiday - sent by Ewan Fisher
Lunch Calorific-Arama - sent by Thomas Cadwgan
Billy Bull - sent by Mark Nicholls
The Level of Our IT Support - sent by Max Allen
Des'Ree Viral - sent by Andy Downing
Jellied Mouse - sent by Andy Bateman
Keith's Personalised Spoon - sent by Richard Seymour
Fatty Kirk and Dalek - sent by Roper
A Mac and a View - sent by Steve Hoult
Where's My Calculator? - sent by Rob Franklin
Monitor This! - sent by Russell Dyer
Banging Moosey Tunes - sent by Randel Tolentino
Team Leader with Bag - sent by Don Needham
Night Shift - sent by Neil Turner
Death to Office Toys - sent by Sarah Lewis
Pandamonium - sent by Jamie, Chris, Nancy &amp Jamie
Desktop Comforts - sent by Peter Critchley
Beautiful Biros - sent by Mr Bic
Pineapple Head - sent by Richard Coates
Drawing Pins - sent by J Hill
The New Spearmint Rhino - sent by Ryan Costello
Wish You Were Here - sent by Ryan Costello
Lip Salve and Post-It? - sent by Jon Turner
Office Predator - sent by Max Allen
Dried Prunes - sent by K. Petts
Still Mug Life - sent by Rob
Office Rubbish - sent by David Wilson
MD At Work - sent by Andrew Alexander
Scary Man Dog - sent by Alex Hughes
A Mac and a View - sent by Steve Hoult
Catching some Z's - sent by Jonathan Bodfish
Office Inspiration - sent by Terry Clarke
Beach Party Theme Day - sent by Ewan Fisher
Afternoon Nap - sent by Ben Miller
A Sight for Sore Eye - sent by Paul Roberts
Spacehopper Head - sent by Andrew Ferguson
Spiderman on Manouevres - sent by Steve Hollingsworth
Spirit's Adventures - sent by Kate Fortescue
Lip Salve and Post-It? - sent by Jon Turner
Westlife Clock - sent by sent by Tat Collector
Tying The Knot - sent by Zoe Reed
A Thing - sent by Mr Movies
Modern Multitasking - sent by Alan McCarthy
Tea Orgasm - sent by Rob Jukes
The Element of Surprise - sent by Sam Pougher
Spiderman on Manouevres - sent by Steve Hollingsworth
Office Tensions - sent by Martin Payne
Just a Gentle Shove - sent by Ahmed Mehfuz
Kids Style Motivation - sent by Tony Lewis
Desktop Clutter - sent by David Wilson-Nunn
Brian May Meets Superman - sent by Tracey Saunders
Office Chair Surfing - sent by Jamie Johnson
Wanted, Tidy People - sent by sent by Mark Campion
Psycho Mannekin - sent by Uncle Wilco
Timmy At Work - sent by Graeme Lewis
Troll Man - sent by Gary Leonardi
For Charidee - sent by Chris Taylor
Now That's What I Call Wallpaper - sent by James Francis
The Upshot - sent by sent by Saul Lockwood
Pulling Out All The Stops - sent by Nicola Elmore


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