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28 October 2014
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Corporate Card

corporate cards...

Corporate Christmas Cards are notoriously drab. We ran a competition to design the most boring Christmas card possible for Wernham Hogg.

You can check out the entries in the gallery.


A rather rude prize...

The saucy Christmas prizes have been awarded to Simon Baldin, Liam Berriman and Jon Miles.

Your entries...

Gareth's Thought - sent by Darren Brenton
Amazing Paper - sent by Bernard Thompson
The Magi - sent by Max Ritter
Happy Bday - sent by Phil South
Voucher - sent by Andy
Starving - sent by Richard Wakefield
Recycled - sent by Jean Watson
Catmus - sent by Karen Wilson
Sale - sent by Laura Slater
Dawn's Art - sent by Kyla Hall
Dot to Dot - sent by Kyla Hall
Dull - sent by Kyla Hall
Work Experience - sent by Kyla Hall
Sales Graph - sent by Stuart Bench
Whatever - sent by E. Brown
Happy Holidays - sent by Allen Christian
Snow Storm - sent by Liz Matthews
Happy Christmas Gareth - sent by Simon Baldin
This is - sent by Serafim Gomes
Paper Tree - sent by Alisdair Rankine
It's Better to Give... - sent by Joel Wilcox
Loose Lips... - sent by Toby Rains
The Darkness - sent by Toby Rains
Training Board - sent by Ian Cooper
Deck the Halls - sent by Brin Edwards
Wine - sent by Niall Perry
Seasons Greetings - sent by Jessica Pemberton-James
Let's Build - sent by Paul Moss
Santa Paper - sent by Pat McParland
Profits - sent by Mike Knowles
Wernham Hogg - sent by Seamus McClintock
Toner Low - sent by Rob Beard
Stop - sent by Ben Donnan
No kisses - sent by Laura Yates
Itemised List - sent by Dave Johnston
Special Deal - sent by Julian White
A Bit Sweet - sent by Chris Beer
Christmas Dinner - sent by Richard Cosgrove
Wernham Dogg - sent by Brin Edwards
Cut Out Tree - sent by Liam Berriman
Santa Says Recycle - sent by Adam Youell and James Strickle
Christmas Planner - sent by Kristina Hall
Unbeatable Offer - sent by Mike Northcroft
Bright White Photocopy Paper - sent by Rob Beard
Card in Jelly - sent by Elliott Day
Gift For Boss - sent by Liam Berriman
Brown Christmas - sent by Matthew Taylor
Refer to website - sent by Andrew Bush
Reams of Fun - sent by Gemma Sweeney
Most Boring Card Ever? - sent by David Knight
Save money on coloured ink - sent by Ryan Dixon
From The People - sent by Ben Whitestone
Art Board - sent by Phil Egan
Just so you know - sent by Jeff Welsby
Festive and Functional - sent by Ramon de Klerk
The Brent Can't Help It - sent by Lauren Damon
Product Placement - sent by Michael Hinton
Partridge - sent by Luke Allder
Etch-a-Sketch Snowman - sent by Luke Allder
Itsy Bitsy Card - sent by Paul Quilter
Save The Trees - sent by Paul Quilter
PC Christmas Card - sent by Simon Hough
Merry Christmas - sent by David Smith
Not Birthday - sent by David Smith
Happy Holly - sent by John Shoulder
Sample Use - sent by Cory
Wipe - sent by Daniel Rolfe
Imagine - sent by Chris Dunmore
Do They Know? - sent by Jon Miles
Happy Xmas - sent by Colin
Wernham Hogg Tree - sent by Sofie Ward
Have a PC Christmas - sent by Rob Beard
Have a PC Christmas - sent by CJ
Santa over Slough - sent by George
Paper Maker - sent by Johnny Ritten
Paperclip Skis - sent by David Bow
Bell - sent by Sticky Vicky
Keyboard Humour - sent by Clare Kneesup
Pencils - sent by Radio Head
Turkey Humour - sent by Lord Rothchild
Trading Estate - sent by Son of Keith
Punning Madness - sent by Vixster


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