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27 November 2014

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Episode Four

David Brent

Tim and Rachel finally appear to have 'done the deed' and are confronted by a horrified Gareth, who is perhaps most upset by the realisation that he'd still like to 'do' Rachel even though she is now, as he so charmingly puts it, sloppy seconds.

However Gareth finds comfort in the company of Simon the computer geek who is installing a firewall.

Simon is able to talk authoritatively on all those subjects closest to Gareth's heart (save for weapons specifications) - namely Bruce Lee movies, go carting and drag racing.

Things seem to be getting worse for David as he first finds out that the staff have nicknamed him Bluto and alternatively, when they're feeling particularly charitable, Mr Toad.

Then he is given a severe dressing down by Neil for incompetence. Perhaps his ego will receive a boost from the success and acclaim of his motivational training that evening?

Or perhaps not.

Brent-ism of the episode

"If you have lost both legs and both arms just go 'at least I'm not dead'. Though I'd rather be dead in that situation to be honest - I'm not saying people like that should be put down.

I'm saying that in my life I'd rather not live without arms and legs 'cos you know... I'm just getting into yoga."

Too good to miss out...

Gareth: "He's a weird little bloke! Look at his cartoon face and his hair, he looks like a Fisher Price man, and his rubbish clothes... it makes me think there's something wrong with you for a start but yet in my head I'd still do you so I'm confused."

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