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28 October 2014
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the office | definitive guide | david brent

ricky and steve on...

ricky and steve on david brent

Does David Brent have a family? He mentioned his Dad once but what about brothers and sisters and mum?
asked Harry K of Wigan

Ricky and Steve: His mum is dead, his dad is in a home and he has a sister.

Wernham Hogg - phone
ricky on brent
Is Brent ineffective? Gervais: I remember when we were talking to one of the executives at the BBC. And he said, 'now hold on though, this man is so incompetant why wouldn't he be fired?' and I said go and take a look around this building. Just go and knock on a few doors.

Has David ever had a relationship before? Has he ever been married or been in a long term relationship? Who? When? How many?
asked Eleri Forbes of Bristol

Ricky and Steve: He’s had a couple of short-lived relationships but never got married.

Did David Brent join Wernham Hogg as the regional manager or did he start off as the 'tea boy' and work his way up?
asked Greg Innes of Fife, Scotland

Ricky and Steve: He worked his way up.

Why did David's old band split up? Does he still keep in touch with his old band mates? Did something interesting happen (such as a foul up with women or drugs) or did the group just fade away?
asked Peter Pelisek of Windsor, Ont. Canada

Ricky and Steve: They got fat and old and had to concentrate on their proper jobs.

Did you ever come up with back-stories for the characters, especially Brent?
asked Nathan of Cardiff

Ricky and Steve: Yes, we’ve got back stories for them but we only give away what we think is important in the show. It’s more fun to leave things to the audience’s imaginations. That was one of reasons we never showed where anyone lived.

video clipVideo Clip
Ricky Gervais on the finer points of David Brent.

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