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27 November 2014
The Office

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What is your favourite single moment in the office?
asked Callum of Harlow

Ricky and Steve: We both like the bit where Tim takes his microphone off at the end of series two.

Wernham Hogg - phone
office things
the series one DVD has two hidden 'eggs' or extras. You can find out how to access them here.

What was your favourite episode to work on?
asked Will of Hampshire

Ricky and Steve: Our favourite episodes are: episode four, series one (training); episode six, series two; and the final Christmas special.

the producer
The Office was produced by Ash Atalla. Read an amusing piece he wrote about the Golden Globes in the guardian.ash atalla

Are you offended by the low rank the Office received on the BBC's greatest sitcom of all times?
asked April Mae of Norwich

Ricky and Steve: Not at all. Ricky was once named the world's 17th most stylish man in a poll. Johnny Vegas beat him. We don't take polls seriously.

Why don't you want to make another series?
asked Sian of Bridgemary

Ricky and Steve: We've said all we can about these characters and their world. If we carried on we'd be repeating ourselves.

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