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24 September 2014
The Office

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Which single joke in The Office has received most complaints?
asked Martin Sears of Harrow

Ricky and Steve: We're not sure but probably the 'Black Man's Cock' sequence.

office fact
The pilot episode for The Office had a budget of just £90,000.

Who made the inspired choice to include 'Halifax Howard' in the Christmas specials? Was he a prima donna?
asked Jonathan Stanley of Banbury

Ricky and Steve: Howard was an absolute professional and a joy to work with.

What was the record number of takes for one scene?
asked Stuart Somerville of Birmingham

Ricky and Steve: Seventy four. It was the scene where Brent gives Tim an appraisal. We kept laughing and couldn't get through the dialogue.

Who was the greatest - Sessions, Cleese, Everett, Milligan?
asked Matt Hunt of London

Ricky and Steve: We've never worked with any of them but they're all absolute professionals and a joy to work with.

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