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28 October 2014
The Office

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ricky and steve on...

ricky and steve on production

What things helped and what got in your way when you were trying to get the show off the ground?
asked Midge of Suffolk

Ricky and Steve: We’d never written or directed anything before, and Ricky was largely unknown, but we'd made a short video showing off David Brent, so the BBC got an idea of what to expect. If we'd had only a script to show people, it may never have happened.

Wernham Hogg - phone
office fact
The version of Handbags and Gladrags used on the show is arranged by famed TV composer Big George. It is sung by a session musician called Fin.

Around about how long does it take to film an episode of the office?
asked Simon of Berkshire

Ricky and Steve: About a week.

Whose idea was it to use 'Handbags and Gladrags' as the theme tune and why?
asked Alan King of Liverpool

Ricky and Steve: We always liked the song and we wanted something melancholy, old fashioned and quintessentially English.

Did you personally find the people who play Tim and Gareth?
asked Neil Gunn of Eltham, London

Ricky and Steve: We were always at the castings and we made the final casting decisions together.

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