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24 September 2014
The Office

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ricky and steve on...

ricky and steve on production

Did you stick religiously to the scripts or was most of it improvisation and if so, how hard was it to perform?
asked John Arnold of Farnborough

Ricky and Steve: It was 95% scripted, with some improvisation here and there.

Wernham Hogg - phone
office fact
The second series of The Office on DVD set a record as the fastest selling TV show. It shifted 143,000 copies during the first week on sale.

How much interest did you take in getting the set and location right?
asked Lil Smalls of Scotland

Ricky and Steve: We take a hundred per cent interest in every aspect of the show. It's a labour of love.

Is the set an actual working office or just a set created in a studio?
asked Dave of Aiketgate

Ricky and Steve: It's a real office that happens to be part of Teddington Film Studios. For a while it was the production offices of 'Today With Des and Mel'.

Can you please tell me the Artist and title of the opening song?
asked Ken of Melbourne, Australia

Ricky and Steve: It's called 'Handbags and Gladrags'. It was made famous by Rod Stewart, written by Mike D'Abo and recently covered by The Stereophonics. Our version is sung by a guy called Fin.

I'd just like to know how hard it was to capture the whole thing in a documentary style?
asked Stuart Griffiths of Cardiff

Ricky and Steve: It's harder than you may think because people are so familiar with the documentary style and so you have to work extra hard to make it seem convincing. It's a fun challenge for the actors though and allows them a lot of freedom.

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