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24 September 2014

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Sir Digby Chicken Caesar and Ginger

Robert and David as Sir Digby and Ginger

"Quick Ginger, we haven't a moment to lose!"

Are Sir Digby and his trusty sidekick Ginger crusaders for truth and justice, fighting against sinister forces in the great tradition of Biggles, Richard Hannay and Dick Barton?

Or are they two drink- and drug-addled down and outs? Hint: it's the second one.

Dressed as a cross between Sherlock Holmes and a litter bin and with Ginger by his side, Sir Digby rampages through episodes one, three and six, armed only with his self-delusions and a can of export strength lager.

Sir Digby Chicken Caesar's theme song is The Devil's Galop by Charles Williams, also the theme song for a somewhat less heroic Dick Barton.

Those Mitchell and Webb Characters

The good, the bad and the downright strange.


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