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28 October 2014

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Matt Berry

Matt Berry from Berry and Fulcher's Snuff Box

Matt became the official hangman at aged fourteen when his uncle died. He was educated at Eton (not a problem as hangmen only do a job about once a month - "No-one knew").

He had quite a cosmopolitan adolescence where one week he would be flown to Tasmania to hang a spy, the next week Bermuda to do the same, and then be back at school as if nothing had happened. Little is known about his parents: only that his Father had declined the family business and possibly joined the R.A.F. His mother worked as a prostitute on Brick Lane.

Matt spent most of his formative years residing at the club of his great, great uncle Sir Charles Berry. One morning a couple of years ago, after hanging a pair of twins for arson, Matt walked into a favourite pub of his, the Ten Bells in London's East End.

He noticed an American tourist being subtly robbed by a known local prostitute. Matt asked the yank if he had the time, knowing that the man would look toward his watch, realise it was missing and thus scupper the prossies plan.

An ugly scene followed with lots of language and spitting, but Matt got him out of the pub and it was at that point that the American introduced himself as Mr Rich Fulcher. He then asked Matt if he knew of a place to lodge nearby and of any possible work appointments. The man was in luck. Sort of.

The Real Matt Berry

Find out about the real Matt.

Matt Berry

Matt Berry from Berry and Fulcher's Snuff Box

He isn't - well, probably isn't - really a hangman. So just who is Matt Berry?

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