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28 October 2014

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Page Five

Arthur Matthews

Arthur Matthews [the Father Ted co-creator] was your script editor. What does that mean?

Fulcher: It's like we were lapsed swimmers, and if we strayed from our lane, he would hit us with a stick.

The Music

Tell me about the music in Snuff Box.

Berry: It's in D minor.

Did you do all of it yourself? That's all you?

Berry: Yeah. Every single last note that you hear.

And what instruments you play? I know you play the guitar.

Berry: Yes I play the guitar, I play all keyboards, I played the drums on it, everything really.

And where did you record it?

Berry: In my flat.

You had all the instruments, including a drum kit, in your flat?

Berry: I did indeed.

You're a very lucky man.

Berry: Well, it doesn't take up that much room. You think it's going to be a huge set-up, but it's not. You've got your keyboard and your guitar, you basically just build everything up.

And what was the synth you used in The Empty Room?

Berry: It was actually, on the recording, a KORG MS-20, yet in the film it's a Roland SH2000, which doesn't make that sound and also wasn't around in 1972... Only the keen, keen viewer would notice that. Because it's too heavy to hold the ARP26- which would have been the only synth that you could have held then. It was just too heavy, I basically couldn't do the joke - couldn't finish the piano, strap it on, because it weighed a f**king ton, so that was the only way to do it.

And I take it that wasn't really the old men singing in the club?

Berry: Nah, that was me.

Were any of them established actors or thespians?

Berry: Well there's a mate of mine, Nick, who is the guy who always sits behind and goes "Berry! Blah blah blah"-

Fulcher: And points to the NO FARTING sign.

Berry: He's an actor. The others were - "S.A.'s", I believe, is the term. Supporting Artists.

Fulcher: Very excited to be there though.

Berry: They loved it. And they looked great.

Do you have any other musical projects on the go at the moment?

Berry: I do. Possibly... something about the Eurovision Song Contest. Not actually doing the contest, but something to do with it.

Returning to the States

Rich, how often do you go back to the States?

Fulcher: Well I've been here the past year writing and doing the show. I'm going on tour with the Boosh for two months, and then after that I'm free and clear as a bird. I have a bunch of possible things to do, but I'm keeping things open.


Can we now classify you as a 'comedy duo'?

Berry: Why would you? We are in a show with our names I suppose.

Fulcher: Called Snuff Box.

There are people on the internet who are saying comedy's in a bit of a dire state at the moment.

Fulcher: Comedy is? Holy shit!

Berry: The only thing I look at on the internet is Fila tops to buy on eBay, and porn, really.

Fulcher: I look at it a little bit like music. People today say "music isn't like the disco era", or "the days of Wilson Picket". There'll be people years from now saying "why can't they make more comedies like Snuff Box? Why do they have to do so many robot sitcoms now?" So it's a constantly evolving thing. There's always going to be people stuck in what they like.

Finally, can you say anything about Snuff Box to sum it up?

Berry: It's a good show.

Fulcher: It's worth several looks.

Thanks to Matt Berry and Rich Fulcher for taking the time to talk to us.

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