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24 September 2014

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Matt Berry and Rich Fulcher

Boosh and Marenghi

We interviewed Matt Berry and Rich Fulcher in a London pub. This is what they said:

Is it fair to say that most people will probably know you from The Mighty Boosh?

Berry: For Rich, yeah. I was in the first series, but that was all.

And was that how you met?

Fulcher: Absolutely. We met on the set and we did a bunch of scenes together, largely where Matt would hit me about the face and crotch area. And I would yell out the standard phrase "aw, m'nuts" - which is m apostrophe nuts - and that's kinda how we got together.

Did you do anything at the Hen and Chickens Pub?

Berry: Yeah I used to do some rude, very juvenile, shit songs, last century.

Fulcher: did some of them have names?

Berry: Yeah... you don't need to know that.

Fulcher (strained): "I wanna make lurrve to ya..."

Berry (chuckling): that sort of thing. Actually, that's how I met Richard Ayoade and Matt Holness. Do you know them?

Yeah, the Garth Marenghi lot.

Berry: Yes. Matt and Rich [Ayoade] came straight from Cambridge to do some stuff there, and I was already doing some stuff, and we got on, and we did Garth.

Fulcher: Hen and Chickens is the hub of the comedy universe.

Berry: Well it just seems that everyone was there at that time. I think I only did two or three gigs there, not that much. The only reason I'm associated with the Boosh is because Richard Ayode, who was meant to be doing Bainbridge, couldn't do it because of something with Channel 4, so I ended up doing it.

Mom I'm Not a Lawyer

Now Rich, is it true that you really went to Law school, and your parents don't know that you're a comedian?

Fulcher (laughing): I did a show called Mom I'm Not a Lawyer which was exactly about that topic. Well, they sort of think I'm an agent now, so every time I tell them I'm working, it's about the show I'm doing... so I'm almost there. And I did go to Law School for three years, and I graduated and took the bar. But I realised I didn't want to practice when I realised that... how do you say it? That it was boring as f**k.

So I went right to Chicago, to Second City, to study there. Which is where a lot of comics started, like John Belushi and Bill Murray.

And what do you parents think you're doing in the UK right now?

Fulcher: that I'm working on this show, but in a capacity more as an agent/producer... rather than a silly actor. Which is how they view actors.

If you parents were to find out the truth, how would you like it to happen?

Fulcher: on a national audience level.

Berry: in the cinema, surely.

Fulcher: in the movies. Yeah. That would be the best.

Berry: on a red carpet. That's how they should find out.

Fulcher: Trumpets blaring, I'm being escorted out of the limo, that would be the best way. So, hopefully they won't log on this website. They don't even get BBC America, and the Boosh is aired there.

Berry: so you're safe as houses then aren't you.

Rounding up to One

How did you pitch Snuff Box? If you pitched it, that is.

Berry: Nope, we didn't pitch it. We were asked if we wanted to do a sketch show, and so we did. They asked us for one episode for them to have a look at. We gave them half an episode and they gave us a series.

Fulcher: We gave them half and told them to round it up to one.

And what did you put in this first half?

Berry: I can't remember, just the corridor-

Fulcher: the hangman-

Berry: It was mostly a manifesto we'd written, a page or something.

Fulcher: The links and stuff that we were going to do. I think that's what they were excited by.

Berry: we said exactly what it wouldn't be and what roughly happen in each show, that it would feature this kind of thing and this kind of music, and so on.

So you really had a solid vision for it from then?

Fulcher: Because they liked us as performers... we think, they just wanted to know we were on board in terms of having an idea.

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