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27 November 2014
Shirley Ghostman

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Shirley Ghostman | Spirit Academy
Spirit Academy
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This week in Spirit Academy

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Spirit Academy is my search for the UK's next psychic superstar. Thousands of gifted hopefuls fought for just eight places in my academy. The winners are getting some top notch psychic training - all under the guidance of little old me.

Studying at my Academy isn't a walk in the park. As my students' paranormal skills have develop, I've been eliminating them one by one. And this week is the week in which I find an outright winner.

It's the last day of term, and I've got three apprentices left: Maria, Joel and Sylvia. Each of them talented in their own way. They'll be putting all those weeks of paranormal training into practice, on a psychic assault course what would have the likes of Colin Fry on his knees.

There's speed fortune-telling, using spirit to karate-chop a piece of wood, the psychic limbo - all challenges what if mere mortals were to attempt them could result in serious injury or even death. So, seriously, psychic fans, do not try this at home!

If you do want to take part, look at the pictures of the three remaining apprentices, then close your eyes, and ask your psychic senses who the winner is. Concentrate... Concentrate... Well? Who is it? I think you know...


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