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28 October 2014
Shirley Ghostman

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Shirley Ghostman | Psychic A to Z
This is my Psychic A to Z. It's not like a normal A to Z, the spirit realm doesn't work on a grid system. This is a handy guide to the key terms and concepts I refer to during the course of my work. It builds week by week. I hope it helps you grasp the basics of what I'm now a master in.


X is for Xylophones...

Who invented the xylophone?

 Watch this clip to find out more »

G is for Ghosts...

What are ghosts and where do they come from?

 Watch this clip to find out more »

The Mind
M is for Mind...

The mind is a powerful tool in the world of being a psychic.

 Watch this clip to find out more »

B is for Babies...

Why do babies cry? What happens when they're in the womb? Babies have surprising psychic powers.

 Watch this clip to find out more »

C is for Cats...

How many lives does a cat have? Why are they so good at catching birds? Cats are extremely psychic animals.

 Watch this clip to find out more »

D is for Death...

What is death? What does it sound like? And who will we look like in heaven?

 Watch this clip to find out more »

A is for Afterlife...

What's it like in the afterlife? It entirely depends on whether you end up in the land of peace and harmony or get sent to hell.

 Watch this Clip to find out more »

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