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28 October 2014

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Comedy Rush Hour

Starts Monday 19 March, 10.30pm on BBC THREE

The Comedy Shuffle set

It's called Rush Hour, but fear not! Neither Jackie Chan nor Chris Tucker are involved.

Rob RouseLook around you during the daily scrum and you see some pretty disturbed drivers and peculiar passengers as they argue, flirt and bicker their way round the rat run.

Rush Hour features a brace of comedians (that is the collective noun, we checked): Adam Buxton, Sanjeev Kohli, Miranda Hart, Frankie Boyle, David Armand, Marek Larwood, Kerry Godliman, Bruce McKinnon and Katy Wix.

Adam Buxton as JolyonJolyon the Shock Rocker is the lead singer of Black Metal collective, DogFist. He's also a fifteen-year-old posh boy who has to be driven everywhere by his mummy.

Jolyon writes songs like Stab Horse, his cleverly disguised critique of American foreign policy. A song his mummy loves, because she thinks it's about a pony jumping around in a field.

I've been eating yoghurt. I've got the insides of a teenager... but the body of a hairy man.

Ian The Pervy Boss

There's also Ian The Pervy Boss. A balding 50-something business man who likes to give his PA a lift to work every morning, and tries to impress her with a few of his best lines.

Frank is a cabbie who hasn't got a good word to say about anyone. He hates them Samoans, them Amish, them Pygmies, them Eskimos, them Incas, them Vikings, them Giants. And don't get him started on them Babylonians.

Katy Wix as ChantaigneChantaigne thinks she's famous after her one, incredibly brief, appearance on X-Factor - during which she forgot all the words to Sacrifice, her nipple popped out of her blouse and she called Sharon a 'toilet.' But it did get her a mention in Heat, and that's enough for Chantaigne.

Now, she mistakenly thinks she gets recognized wherever she goes, and is more than willing to give an impromptu performance to 'the little people.'

Kerry GodlimanOther characters include the tactless AA man, who offers unwanted relationship and life advice as well as automobile assistance; the competitive mums, who compete over their children's achievements; University of Life Dad, who's determined to teach his young son some of the harsher lessons in life; and an evil lollipop lady.

Cast & Crew

David Armand
Pervy Boss, Uni of Life Dad, AA Man
Naomi Bentley
Jogger, Ian's PA
Frankie Boyle
AA member, PC Dad
Adam Buxton
Jolyon, Rock Dad, Sat Nav Cyclist
Kerry Godliman
Competitive Mum, Rock Dad's Wife
Miranda Hart
Lollipop Lady
Sanjeev Kohli
Intolerant Taxi Driver
Marek Larwood
Chantaigne's Uncle Les, Amos
Bruce McKinnon
School Run Farmer, Spiderman
Lorna Watson
Competitive Mum, Jolyon's Mum
Katy Wix
Chantaigne, City of List Mum, Mind Reading Kid

Charlie Brooker
Ali Crockatt and David Scott
Simon Dean
Peter Holmes
Nico Tatarowicz and David Cadji-Newby
Neil Webster

Chris Faith
Neil Webster

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