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28 October 2014
Disgusted, he says "please cancel my hotdog..."

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Sneak Previews Lenny Henry having a sneaky preview...
Janice Phayre and Ben Moor in 'Three Wishes' Three Wishes
What would happen if you had Three Wishes? A magic cloud has made wishes come true - but lovers aren't always careful what they wish for. Ben Moor and Janice Phayre starred in this romantic comedy.
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Janice Phayre When George wishes Flip could be different, he gets an unpleasant surprise.
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Ben Moor
well I never
This radio play was originally a theatre piece, written by Ben Moor, who also plays George. His co-star, Janice Phayre, is one half of the stand-up duo Susan and Janice.

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