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28 October 2014
Disgusted, he says "please cancel my hotdog..."

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My Hero - Ardal O'Hanlon Live Chat

Ardal O'Hanlon

Ardal O'Hanlon, who plays George Sunday/Thermoman, joined us for a live chat on 14 June, 2002. You can read the full transcript of this popular online event below:

Johnnie: What was it like working with a baby in this series of My Hero? Was it a well-behaved baby?

Ardal O'Hanlon: It was very well behaved. They used two babies - doubles - cos you can't have a baby on set all day long, otherwise you'd have the police involved!

The babies are wheeled in and out very quickly, but they always perform admirably! But I'm allergic to babies, so I have to leave when they are there. I'm a prima donna - I refuse to work with small children...

Chris Brocklesby: How long does it take to get into your costume in My Hero?

Ardal: It depends on what I had to eat! In the first series it took about half an hour because I used to sweat a lot. By the third series, we had it down to about three minutes. The costume comes in two parts - a muscle suit under the lycra, which is something I'm ashamed to admit!

delonge fan: In My Hero what does the greeting mean that you do with arnie????

Ardal: Zneet Znadder Zneet - that information is actually classified. We would never be allowed to return to Ultron if we told you.

Noel Furlong: Will you be watching the Ireland spain match?

Ardal: I certainly will! And as a football fan - I should be ashamed to tell you this - I've watched every single match today - Japan, South Korea, Tunisia, China, Costa Rica... My wife has been a football widow for the last few weeks.

The Ireland games I've watched in the pub, but the ladies are getting involved for the second round, so we're going to do something in the house and have the kids involved. I'm wearing my Ireland jersey at the moment! I'm quite excited about the England game as well of course. I think it's been a great triumph for the British style of game to have Denmark, Sweden, England and Ireland still involved. I won't be able to sleep tonight!

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