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24 September 2014
I had to drink it. It was all in one lump.

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League Of Gentlemen - Reece Shearsmith Interview
Reece Shearsmith
BBCi: Who’s your favourite character?

Reece: Geoff, the gun-wielding businessman, he’s my favourite character, I can find him more easily then the rest. In the new series Mike has to sack him because he’s scaring people, so he goes to London to become a stand-up comedian with disastrous consequences.

BBCi: Does it get confusing playing so many different characters?

Reece: Yes it does, although the way we film it is logical, we couldn’t do it otherwise. We film all the same characters in a day. Although we all have about 20 characters each with 2-3 changes daily and it takes about an hour in make-up.

BBCi: Which Royston Vasey resident would you invite round for tea and why?

Reece: I’d quite like Pauline to come to tea to question her views on the unemployed. She’d probably be frightening though, sneering at whatever you gave her.

Steve is scary when he plays Pauline. He is Pauline, there’s no Steve in there when he has the make-up on.

BBCi: Are there any celebrity cameos in the new series?

Reece: Christopher Eccleston’s in it. Apparently, he’s a fan. He’s a big star but when we asked him to do it, he said yes. There’s a character called Kenny Harris who owns a Dog Cinema where they only show films about dogs. Christopher plays his rival who only shows films about cats. It’s bizarre.

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