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28 October 2014
What's the speed of dark?

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League Of Gentlemen - Reece Shearsmith  Interview

Reece Shearmsith talked exclusively to BBCi about the brand new series of The League Of Gentlemen:

Reece Shearsmith
BBCi: What can we expect from the new series?

Reece Shearsmith: It is different from the others, our writing styles have changed. We’re writing longer stories rather than sketches, focusing on one character each week. People are going to think it’s more like a weird comedy-drama.

The last two series don’t really link but this time we wanted it to fit completely as a whole. The idea behind this series is that each episode is the same half-hour from different characters’ perspectives, then they all meet at the end – it’s like 24.

BBCi: The last series ended with everyone collapsing from Special Stuff-induced nose bleeds... how does that follow on into the new series?

Reece: It conveniently ignores all that, although there is mention of it. Royston Vasey is back on its feet and the nose bleeds have gone away. The third series begins with Pauline in prison after her attempted kidnap at the end of the last series.

This series is a lot less gory, I think people found the nose bleed thing relentlessly horrible. It's more real, more about the characters.

BBCi: Are there any new characters?

Reece: Steve [Pemberton] plays a character called Doctor Carlton, a doctor who refuses to see anything wrong with his patients... with disastrous consequences.

BBCi: Tubbs and Edward died in the last series, any chance they’ll be back?

Reece: I can’t confirm or deny that, you’ll have to watch, but there is a conclusion.

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