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24 September 2014
Knowing Me Knowing You - On The Radio

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Alan had a chauffeur who was also called Alan.
  Episode Six. House band: Glenn Ponder and Bangkok

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The Alan Partridge mask. Popular with students
The last show in the season.
The show kicked off with a routine by the dance troupe known as The Alan Partridge Playmates, all wearing Alan Partridge masks. This was followed with a stern warning for criminals who use the Alan Partridge masks to rob banks; Alan's plastic face was designed only as a leisure accessory. Popular with students.

Scott and Dean
Scott and Dean McLean
After a quick chat with Glenn Ponder, Alan welcomed onto the show Scott (9) and Dean McLean (11) two very young Hollywood bigshots. The two were making a movie about techno-paranoia and they jokingly offered Alan a part. Alan was doing a sales conference for Nabisco but felt he could fit in the job. Alan, afterall, was used to acting since doing a TV ad for Ford's of Norwich.

A 'lady lesbian'
Two Ladies: Bridie McMahon and Wanda Harvey
Alan chatted with two lady lesbians. Alan asked a very sensitive, very thoughtful question: 'Do these slang names hurt: Lesbos, Les-be-friends, Dykes, Bulldykes, Dick Van Dykes, Spare-Rib-Ticklers, Cat-Flaps, Pussy Footers, Knicker Pickers, Men, Backpackers, Tent-peggers, Trout fishers, Melon Farmers, Kwikfit Fitters, Baggage Handlers, Left Luggage?'

Forbes McAllister
Forbes McAllister
After a bit of light relief with Cheeky Monkey, Alan's last guest of the series was restaurant critic Forbes McAllister. Forbes, who grew up in Scotland, was not impressed when Alan brought on the Balmoral Highland Pipers. He wanted to talk about the £100,000 he'd paid for the personal effects of Lord Byron, in particular a pair of duelling Pistols which Michael Winner had been after..

Alan sacks his producer
Knowing Me, Alan Partridge, Knowing You, the police
Then, DISASTER! For some reason the pistols were loaded and as Alan examined them, one went off. Forbes was killed instantly. In the confusion Alan had sacked his producer; that's live TV and these things happen. Much like the elephant on Blue Peter, Alan had made a mess and had to clean it up. The show and the series ended on this fatal bombshell with Alan barely able to tell his fans he'd be in Manchester next month opening a Texas Homecare.

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the life of Alan
Boy to man.
Those crucial early influences.

On the Hour
Alan's big broadcasting break.

The Day Today
"This is sports desk with me, Alan Partridge."
Knowing Me, Knowing You (Radio)
A chat legend is born.
Knowing Me, Knowing You (TV)
Alan gets his own TV show at last.
I'm Alan Partridge
182 days in the Linton Travel Tavern.
The Wilderness Years
Where did Alan go?
I'm Alan Partridge - series two
Alan bounces back.
Alan News
The latest developments in Alan's career.
Alan for sale
Many of Alan's broadcasts are available in the shops.

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