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27 November 2014

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Episode one: The Driver
The Debrief
Paul Clark does a spot of driving for local crime boss Mervyn Rees.Paul's car The promise of a 'drink' leads him to believe that it won't be long before he has his foot on the first rung of the criminal ladder. His joy doesn't last, however, when he is made to realise the consequences of his 'spot of driving' and he must act quickly to avert impending doom.
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anorak corner
bagAll the Rees siblings are named after members of the Welsh grand slam winning rugby side of 1976. JJ after JJ Williams, JPR after JPR Williams and Gareth after Gareth Edwards. The number 11 jersey seen in the opening episode would have been the one worn by JJ Williams.
character profile
Mervyn ReesMervyn Rees came to London in the early seventies after robbing the wrong Newport bookmakers. He settled in Acton and was soon a key player in the burgeoning, though somewhat anarchic, criminal scene. Recognising that the area was wide open, he brought in some Welsh associates - 'sons of the valleys' - and employing the 'scrum' philosophy (that a tight-knit, loyal and violent bunch of tough lads working will dominate any situation), soon had things sewn up. He married a local girl, Janice, and with the birth of his three sons - JJ, JPR and Gareth - the dominance of the Rees dynasty was assured. A fanatical rugby fan, Mervyn is semi-retired but is still known to put in the odd hour or two 'working' in his basement (or 'torture cellar', as some have referred to it.)
Expecting further information on 17.09.01 at 21.00 BBC TWO. Enter the Garage.
Paul is looking forward to a weekend looking after an empty warehouse (one of Di's repossessions), while Noel is giving it large about his club night - Enter the Garage - held at a secret venue. Events conspire to ensure things don't work out quite as planned.
Further evidence will be available here in the near future. 'orrible competition, screen savers, desktop pictures, etc
Episode One
Episode Two
Episode Three
Episode Four
Episode Five
Episode Six
Episode Seven
Episode Eight
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What's so spectacular about your life then...? Gatwick and they're paying cash!
Exhibit A
The original script from Lee's favourite Aussie Soap. To view this file you will need Adobe Acrobat
Paul, I've been listening to you mate, but look into my eyes and tell me you don't need twenty quid.
Naive moment
When Sean thinks that a 'drink' really means a drink, not a 'drink drink'...
Oh yeah, thought your Mum was on the wagon Noel.

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