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24 September 2014
Only Fools and Horses

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Peckham Uncovered

DOB: 09.07.1909
Place: Peckham Rye

Lennard Pearce

Despite giving off the aura of not being the smartest card in the deck, Grandad was more crafty than he let on - wangling himself a bungelow by feigning illness being one of his many talents.

Given the task of minding the Trotter flat from the comfort of his much loved armchair Grandad had an easy life. However his formative years were less sedate as he made a nice little earner during the Spanish Civil War at gun running. Grandad was also responsible for the spectacular (and noisy) failure of Del's chandelier cleaning business.


Before they were famous
Lennard was born in 1915 and trained at RADA. Although mostly a stage actor he appeared in the legendary 60s TV drama Cathy Come Home and Coronation Street. He went on to work with Laurence Olivier and Anthony Hopkins at the National Theatre. John Sullivan remarked that Lennard won the part of Grandad due to his beguiling 'deep, croaky voice'.

Famous Quote
I don't know why they want these drug addiction centres. I mean ain't we got enough drug-addicts without them recruiting more!
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Where are they now?
Lennard passed away in 1984 during the filming of the fourth series. He loved being recognised as Grandad and was touched at the fondness with which members of the public would greet him.


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